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Adderall and Chronic Sniffing

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I have been on Adderall for years for ADD w/o H (along with other stuff for depression and anxiety).

Along the way I have developed a chronic sniffing problem. I've always felt it was a congestion problem and not a tic, because I feel mucus in my sinuses that is annoying and it 'compels' me to sniff to move it to my throat so I can swallow it (sorry if that's gross). It's so bad sometimes that I sniff and sniff until I'm dizzy (and my poor husband has to listen to it all day and try to stay compassionate about it -- not easy).

I went to an earnosethroat doc and he said the problem was a deviated septum that he pointed out on my CT scan. He also tested me for allergies and said that it probably wasn't that. He wants to 'fix' my nose.

Although I think that I sniff because I feel congested, I also have noticed that I sniff more, (or start to sniff ), when I am feeling anxious, and that makes me wonder. . . .Does this sound like a stimulant or anxiety induced tic to anyone? Or am I just Lisa Lupner?

Thanks for any help or insight.


BTW -- I'm skipping the Adderall and taking Klonopin today to see if that helps, but so far, *sniff sniff sniff* ;)

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My brother had his deviated septum repaired some years ago in an outpatient setting and it cleared up his breathing troubles, and didn't take long to heal.

I took Adderall for a few months recently and the only side effect I noticed was a dry mouth. I've also been on ADs for some years, and still am. Hope you find some relief.

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For some reason, esp. with the stimulant aspect here, I'm leaning towards the 'tic' type thing... 'course it's always a combination, stimulus plus urge to sniff/cough/whatever. I have the same issue in my throat right now, since (as I found out Thursday) my esophagus is half-shut and I'm sure my Provigil isn't helping the rest of the tube move in the proper direction, either.

The only reason tic immediately came to my mind was that a good friend of mine sniffles just about after every sentence, and one day I'd asked her if she'd had severe allergies... at which point she confessed she had some form of OCD (this was a week or two after I explained my MI to her - she was a psych major in college). She's been on SSRIs and a low dose of beta-blocker for it, and it's worked reasonably well.

So looking at it the other way, an adrenergic agonist (activator) like Adderall might make you want to sniffle!

Of course, the deviated septum doesn't help, either. =P

quite congested himself,




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I've been told I have a deviated septum as well, tho only once. Unless it causes my problems with clearing my ears while scuba diving (which I don't do anymore) it hasn't been a problem.

For me, Adderall dries up any congestion. But that means it comes back a little bit at night.

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Guest Barbara

I have the same sniffing problem and it's driving me crazy. Had the septum surgery and was told I had a extra middle turbinate and they removed that. It worked for a little while but years later it seems worse. I notice when I'm nervous,excited or have caffine it gets worse. If anyone figures this out it would be very helpful. I'm at my wits end.

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