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Auditory hallucinations

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The other night the baby's monitor was on because he was asleep. The monitor was making a loud static sound, and my husband was also up there snoring. Suddenly, I heard incoherent whispering voices that I couldn't make out coming from the monitor. I was not picking up on someone else's monitor or phone, this was a creepy, whispery sound.

Later on, while trying to fall asleep, I heard the whispery voices again.

This happened to me once last summer but not since then.

Is this typical for a BPI, last episode mixed, withOUT psychotic symptoms???

I DO NOT want to completely lose my mind. BTW, I am on Lamictal and Abilify.

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The quoted figure for bipolar hallucinations is around 20%, usually BPI, and usually during a manic episode.

Vague sounds from a (static) noise generator: Unlikely to be hallucinations. Radio static is truly random and has no pattern (it is a remnant of The Big Bang). However our brains are wired to detect patterns and will create patterns even when none exist. Any sort of device that creates noise can create this effect; air conditioners, pumps, fans, railroad cars tracks, etc. I find this type to occur most often when I am in a hypersensitive mood, noises are too loud, lights too bright, jumping at every sound, and can start to build a bit of parnoia in me, even though I know they aren't there. I end up stopping repeatedly to check them out.

Odd noises, voices, visions while falling asleep and awakening are extremely common among all people. These are properly referred to as Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations. Given no obvious psychotic features during normal awake times or other type of major sleep disorder, doctors do not normally concern themselves with these experiences. It is considered to be the result of the brain shifting from dreaming to awake conciousness.

These two types of experiences are reported here on crazyboards over and over.


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The think is, I heard it again later when there was no white noise, ie a baby monitor. It was like whispering in the background and it creeped me out. Does this mean I am developing psychotic symptoms???

I'm going with AM's hypno-hallucinations. If you were trying to sleep, it was most likely the case.

To call your 2 incidents of faint noise which you knew weren't actual people talking to you, the development of psychotic symptoms, is a stretch. I do NOT mean that it isn't, it just seems really unlikely.

If it keeps happening, and you're getting more upset by it, then bring it up with tdoc/pdoc. Perhaps they can provide more comfort/medication changes if necessary.

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