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Previously a lurker; now a member!

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Hi. I decided to register because I've learned so much just from lurking!

Here's my boring background, if you're interested:

I've struggled with "textbook symptoms" of ADD and chronic mild to moderate depression throughout my life. Trouble with school, trouble with work, trouble staying on task, trouble with wrapping up details, trouble with any thing that wasn't extraordinarily interesting/stimulating, forgetfulness, mental fog, hating life, never feeling hopeful, every day is a struggle, this is all bullshit, how can people go on living this way, my life is an endless cycle of defeat and pain...the list goes on!

The problems with staying on task had become so severe in the last few years that it affected my hobbies, which was very frustrating. I felt like every day was an overwhelming, scattered mess. Over a period of about 6 months, my usual chronic mild depression evolved into a serious depression. I was numb. I mean, I didn't give a shit about anything. I wasn't interested in doing anything, I barely ate, I didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone (I'm normally quite social). I didn't do anything but go to work, chores and sleep.

I really thought my inability to focus on my hobbies made me just give up on doing them, hence dropping all the fun out of my life...and that somehow made me extremely depressed. Yeah. Good thing I'm not a pdoc, huh? ;) Anyway, so I start seeing a psychiatrist with just the intention of trying a stimulant for the ADD. One week into Adderall, I knew a huge part of "my problems" were due to ADD (stress, overwhelmed feelings, frustration)...but my mood still sucked. I felt lower than low. The "who gives a fuck?" low. I started on Lexapro. It took 6 weeks to do anything, but it was making me a sleepy blob if I didn't take Adderall. So we switched to Prozac a couple of weeks ago and here I am.

The numbness portion of the depression is gone, but the chronic stuff still seems to be around. I know I've got several more weeks before I can expect the Prozac to show the full benefits, so I'm not complaining. Plus, I just got laid off unexpectedly, and the fact that I'm not crying in the shower right now means it's probably doing something.

Glad to join you here!

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hello. ;) I don't have any firsthand experience with ADD, but I know that depression sucks. sounds like you're going through a rough time now, so be sure to take care of yourself. Prozac really helped me, hopefully it'll be the same for you.

and your icon is beautiful. <3

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Hey tek,

Welcome! Beeee-you-tiful photo! As an ADD-whackjob, I was impressed that you could remember all of your symptoms and problems and list 'em up like that! I went undiagnosed for so long because I can't remember enough to tell anyone what the hell's going on. baw haw haw!

Welcome welcome.


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Guest espressogrrl

Brilliant intro.

I am on the same miserable I-am-add-and-something-else- medicine tasting trip. It sucks. I will say this though...

if you are positive you are ADD - and you absolutely KNOW from the add med because something definitely clicks, get a second opinion if someone says - nah - you are really not ADD, youre bipolar. Maybe you could be both, but it is really hard to go back to i-cant-get-shit-done-world while you walz through the slow medication process of BP. so many ADD people have 2-4 other diagnoses, and it sucks if someone just sums it all up as BP if you are not. The ADD meds will tell you if you are ADD - it's like the heavens open up and suddenly you are connected to the mainframe of life - you see how things are connected and acheivable. Just your instincts in this process and be true to yourself. You are rock this.

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Hey, welcome previous lurker.

And, really, for ADD you write well. Meaning there were paragraphs and everything.

Every time I see in the little lead part before you click that a person is ADD, I flinch inwardly as I click, sheilding my eyes in case there is one gigantic block of text with no punctuation (besides parenthesis and maybe dot dot dots) and no paragraph separation.

But, yeah, hey.

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