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Cymbalta and the liver

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I've read the warnings about how Cymbalta may make a pre-existing liver condition worse and that people with "substantial" alcohol use shouldn't take Cymbalta, but is there any research or literature on how it affects a healthy person's liver? I love Cymbalta as it makes me feel completely myself only without the depression, but in the back of my head I think "what's going on down there with my liver?".

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If you have a normal healthy liver you have very little to worry about in using Cymbalta.

In at least three different trials the chances of cymbalta causing liver problems was about 1.68, 0.9, or 1%. That's pretty darn small. What problems could it cause? Elevation of two indicator enzymes that show the liver is being stressed, jaundice and hepatitis.

If you drink a lot or have an already damaged liver and take Cymbalta, you could also suffer cirrhosis of the liver. Another good reason to not drink and MI.

Your doctor can easily check the condition of your liver with simple blood tests.

If you have any concerns about your liver, ask your doctor.


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