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Another member for the lamictal crowd

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So, I crashed and burned today. Had an appointment with my family doc, who said he was uncomfortable prescribing futher meds for my bipolar (fair enough) and wanted me to wait until I could see the pdoc. The pdoc is out of town this month, so my appointment is in JULY!

I called Mental Health, sobbing and generally in a crisis. Thankfully, they immediately got me in to see a counsellor so I could vent a little. She agreed that I need a med change, but that is not something that she can do (not a doctor of pnurse). She seemed to sense that I was at the end of my rope and unable to formulate a decent plan of my own so she took care of things for me. She set it up at the ER for me to go in for a psych consult and walked me through what this would involve.

My partner took me to the ER and sat with me for the hour and half it took to see a pdoc, he even came with me to the consult because I was so anxious. The pdoc that was on call was amazing; he did a thorough history and got an accurate account of my past moods and meds (thanks to the moodtracker printouts). Then he actually suggested testing my valproate levels (something that my other pdoc was never interested in) and commented that my AD might be destabilizing me (ummm, yes)! He came up with a workable treatment option that I'm willing to follow and answered all of my questions. He also was willing to use the terms rapid cycling and mixed state.

So... the new plan: drop the remeron (slooowly), possibly up the valproic acid once the bloodwork is in, and begin lamictal. I get to keep the clonazepam as prn and will keep the valproic acid because it is stabilizing me to some extent.

I just wish I got to keep this pdoc, he seems to be more up to date on treatment options and was really easy to talk to.

Edited for spelling/clarity

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Of all the meds my husband has tried, the lamictal has given him the least side effects...which has made him willing and able to stay on his meds for once.

Best of luck with the new coctail!

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Heya Alissha,

I like Lamictal, I hope it helps you too.

Your psych might have explained to you that Epival effectively doubles your blood level of Lamictal, so you might get by on smaller doses of Lamictal than usual.

I know what you mean about a great psych you have to lose. My first psych runs a mood disorders diagnostic program -- literally just for diagnosis -- and I really, really wish that either he or his fellow (fifth-year resident) could be my psychiatrist, but I ended up with this guy (who I also like).

And, your partner sounds like a supportive helpful person. Which is fantastic.

Best wishes for effects of the Lamictal.


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