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As you can see in my sig, I take a few different meds.

For depression, I take Lex and WB.

For stability, I take Lamictal

For everything, I take Zyprexa

For Zyprexa EPS, I take Inderal

For anxiety, I take Klonopin

I am BP1 w/psychotic features, PTSD, and ADD (Inattentive);

Good combo? Any thoughts?

I was thinking of switching the Lex back to Paxil because Paxil works better, but I get free Lex from my clinic and I don't want to pay for Paxil.

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AM- I've tried all the AAPs except Cloziral (spelling probably sucks) and Risperdal is the only one that doesn't give me EPS. I get BAD EPS from Seroquel and Zyprexa, and moderate from Geodon. I guess I'm sensitive that way. Other than the EPS, needing a little more sleep and having to watch what I eat, the Z has been great. I don't mind the Inderal.

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