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Hey everybody,

I wanted to thank everyone at crazyboards and crazymeds chat that have interacted w/ me over the last 2 years. 2 weaks ago i was on wellbutrin, efffexor, metadate, lamictal and provigal, there may be one or two more, brain isn't quite cleared up yet. At time diagnosis w/ adhd and cronic depression. Week later they dropped provigal and metadate, added geodon, celexa and tiliptil. and changed diag to bi polar mixed state asked pdoc to cut back antidepressants i could tell i was close to a crash and then admitted to psychologist i had started to hurt self again.

At that point i was told i had three days to have wife contact them or they would involontarly commit. Complied and we decided i should go in voluntarily. Went in on tues morning, got out fri evening. Being in hospital sucked and blew me mind, but i think it saved my life. To those on the chat I owe you all big time. Hospital doc removed all anti depressants except wellbutrin which he cut dose to 1/3. Kept lamictal, added depakote and took me off everything else.

Wow haven't been depressed now since wednesday, but detoxing is making light saber jolts and sounds in brain, bit befuddled and dizzy which hopefully will get better over next 2 months doc said.

Biggest lesson i learned is how to spot good pdoc and therapist versus crap. If you have an inkling you are on too much meds and not getting better if doc dosen't listen to you but keeps adding and switching stuff run. If your therapist can't even call you or visit you in hospital, tell them to fuck them selves. I'm gonna go to outpatient monday get checked up on and hopefully i can get one of the staff pdocs and tdocs as permanent docs.

THANX everyone, i guess now i'll be posting on bp forums and will update detox

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I've just been through something very similiar- even the days of admission & discharge are the same.

Except that I went in on a mon night but it technically turned into Tues morn by the time I was admitted.

I'm going to a new therapist next week and am continuing to see my pdoc next week also. I was in

a family like setting and it really helped me also, along with a slight change in meds. Alcohol was also a

big factor in my meltdown & I'm quitting it. Damn, are people gonna think we're the same person?

I should add that in the weeks preceding this I had no computer access. Crazyboards has prevented me

from totally losing my mind several times. I love this place too!

Good luck getting the pdoc & therapist you want.

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been out of the hospital now about 2 weeks and am seeing new pdoc. The seritonin electric jolts are definattly subsiding. Up till now going w/ the lamictal and depekote where making huge improvements, but now the cycling is coming back w/ a vengance, so i guess i'll find out soon enough how this doctor plans to tweek out the meds

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