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Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here.

I have had the hardest time finding a med that will work for my GAD. I have tried Remeron, Nuerontin, Topamax, and Lexapro. The SSRI's are out because I become too agitated. That is a huge group to rule out. The Remeron was ok until it pooped out on me. Neurontin was too sedating, (I sat in a chair for 6 months) and Topamax made me depressed. I don't respond well to meds. I have GAD and no depression.

However, there seems to be a trend for people like me. Clonidine. It is a anti hypertensive med. That means "blood pressure med" in lay terms. It works better for me than all of the others combined.

We messed around with the dosage, and I found that 1 mg in the morning will keep me on an even keel all day long. This is amazing as the other meds I have tried had a spike effect, or were way too sedating. I barely notice the Clonidine. I don't feel drugged, I feel, well, normal. I also take another 1 mg pill at around 6 in the evening. I also have almost eliminated my use of Klonopin during the day.

There can be drawbacks. One thing that is helpful to me is that I have high blood pressure. I was taking the lowest med in terms of what it did for BP when I was switched to Clonidine. The two together turned out to be too much and so I dropped the first one. It has a really long name that I can't recall.

The other problem is low blood pressure. This happened to me last night by accident. There isn't a huge danger in low BP, it just makes you feel dizzy and standing up too fast can make you feel faint. I took my Clonidine twice last night by accident. My BP got very low and I was very sleepy. My husband woke me every hour for about 4 hours and I took my BP. Finally it came back up. I have experienced this before and was told it isn't all that dangerous, but it is still something I don't want to get myself into. And I didn't want to take my night meds while my BP was so low.

I have also been told that it can eventually poop out on you. (Bummer) But that if you take a break, it can begin to work again for you. I have been on it for over a year now, and feel great.

I also take Klonopin (1.5 mgs) , and Nuerontin ( 1200 mgs) at night. This is for some persistent stress that is setting off panic. I will probably decrease both as the stress eases.

I also exercise regularly and meditate. This helps tremendously with my anxiety. If I don't exercise, I can feel the difference.

The idea behind Clonidine is simple. Those of us with anxiety problems have rushes of adrenaline. This med stops it and keeps you even.

Ask you p-doc about it. As I said the only side effects are low blood pressure. It is probably not for everyone, but well worth a try if you are not happy with what you are on now.


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breeze glad you found something that works for you.

can you take it as needed or does it have to be in system?

in hospital they said i have normal bp, closer to low end. does that matter?

like it might be better if it were higher?

i already get dizzy spells enough as it is.

but this med sounds good and been having a lot of panic and don't like clonazepam everyday.

oh and is it in same class as nestlings med proporonal (definitely misspelled).


and thanks for sharing this.


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wow breeze thanks for all that information.

you made it so clear, which is very helpful for me right now.

thanks again for this and all your support during migraine.




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Breeze, I'm really glad you brought this up. I know 3 people on Clonidine and it's a lifesaver. Totally calming. It especially helps one of them, because he's on Concerta in the morning and he takes it in the afternoon as kind of a buffer from the crash.

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