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Rozerem - with ambiem / xanax / lunesta / etc.

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I only tried it for a couple of days without anything else. It made me sleepy, but didn't make me fall asleep. Ambien knocks me out, but doesn't really make me sleepy. So it's been a good combination for me. It's nice to have that naturally sleepy feeling.

Ideally, you should take it an hour before bed, then take the Ambien right at bedtime. That's what works best for me, but I never remember to do it that way.

Another thing to consider is a little melotonin. If the Rozerom didn't work, that's what my pdoc was going to try next - Rozerom and melotonin (and probably a little Ambien for good measure). I think I've explained this before, so if you've already heard it, forgive me...

If your body isn't producing enough melotonin, Rozerom isn't going to work. If you do produce enough melotonin, but you're brain doesn't signal your body to dump it, melotonin isn't going to work. If you have both problems, neither med is going to work alone, but both together theoretically would work like a charm.

I totally feel your pain, HG. I've been dealing with "wicked" insomnia on and off myself my whole life. It got particularly bad the last few years - brought on, I surmise, from a bad bout of depression plus hormonal changes (I'm 36).


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