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Too many major life changes at once

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First I quit my job, then I find out my SO got a job elsewhere and we will be moving, then we start talking seriously about marriage, seemingly out of nowhere. He wants to get married because he thinks the opportunity for me to get on his insurance is the push we need to finally do it. I've been nonchalant about the idea before and now that it might actually might happen, I'm scared.

My brain just can't handle stuff like this. Even *positive* life changes can and do make me depressed as hell, no matter how illogical it seems. One change I can deal with. Three changes and I'm wondering if I'm going to slide down into the pit again.

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Planning a wedding on top of a major move and a job hunt in a new town is L U N A C Y. I would suggest telling your SO that you're excited about his job, and the move to the new place, but you really think you had better not eat the whole elephant at once. The stress would be killer, and your finances are going to be under a little strain as it is without the cost of a wedding. It will also give you time to absorb the fact that he used the "W" word.


Oh, what is the letter we love?

What sound are we extra fond of?

It's not any trouble

You know it's a "W"

When you hear W-W-W-W

Without this fine letter, you couldn't say "wash"

Or "which," "wax," or "wiggle" - my gosh!

There wouldn't be "wet," "warm," or "walrus" - oh wow!

There wouldn't be "wood," would there now? - uh uh.

Without this great W sound, well "wink" would be "ink"

And "week" would be "eek," don't you see? - of course.

A fine word like "waffle" would turn out just awful

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