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We are officially all going crazy

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After reading all of these threads, I can't believe this happened all at the same time.

But you know what? I am relieved that we all fit on the elevator together. So I'm going to do this.

One thing that's really pissing me off: I couldn't concentrate on one thing if it was staple gunned to my forehead.

One thing that makes me happy: My computer is decorated with brightly colored feathers, stickers, and rhinestones glitterys.

Now GO! crazies GO!

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Well, cleaned the house and changed the sheets so far today, along with the four new CDs and the $400 worth of clothes bought on the internet. I make it okay by buying half of it for my son. ha ha

Of course the stack of reading I should be doing is gathering dust...figurative dust, of course, because I just ran that Swiffer across the pile like a madwoman ;)


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I've been going down for a while. Some of you been with me the whole time, some we're picking up as we go down. Waiting for the bottom.

Lexapro withdrawal stinks. The helicopters overhead stink (I'm not making that up). Neighbor knocking on the door during nap which I couldn't get to sleep during anyway because I'm too anxious. Plus my MP3 player ran out of juice in the midst of it. I'm so tired and can't rest. Blah blah.

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Down , down , down--spent the afternoon going thru old pix, since I am making a "Gilmore Girls" album for my daughter for her birthday. (Yeah, I know--sappy show--but its us--)

My computer is not decorated, except with notes to myself like "Don't ever turn this off"--the old laptop will go to sleep and never awake. And today the CD drive died, so no more iTunes from my CD's-- sigh--

Oh, and if we can't shit $200, we will not be able to eat the rest of this month--or I can't have meds, its a toss up. We are offficially beyond poor.

I also discovered there are NO [pictures of me and my mom together, just us, once I got to be an adult. Which confirms my long feelings that she really didn't like me too much--thought I was some sort of alien, I think, but she was very polite about it.

Going down?????


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Heya fellow riders,


And, the best thing right now is that lilacs are growing all over the place, which remind me of my nana and then I feel better.

Until wasps come around and I get scared 'cos they can kill me.


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Oh, and if we can't shit $200, we will not be able to eat the rest of this month--or I can't have meds, its a toss up. We are offficially beyond poor.
China, I'm gonna send you something about how you can get cheap food for July.

I know that doesn't help you right now, but actually, you could ask these folks if they have packages that weren't picked up... they give them away. It's called Angelfood Ministries. Don't freak on the name. It's gov't sponsored, so it's our tax dollars paying for it.

You pay $25 for $50 worth of food. I've been getting it. They're all over the country.


You get all this for $25.

June 2006 Menu

(General Only)

(1) 2.5 lbs Pork Spare Ribs

(1) 4 lbs IQF Thighs or Drumsticks

(4) 4 oz Hamburger Patties

(1) 3 lbs Breaded Frying Chicken

(1) 1 lb Fully Cooked Meat Balls

(1) 2 lbs Chicken Breast

(1) 15 oz Chicken Pot Pie Soup

(1) 24 oz Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Onion

(1) 16 oz Pasta

(1) 16 oz Rice

(1) 16 oz Baked Beans

(1) 16 oz Corn

(1) 20 oz BBQ Sauce

(1) 7.5 oz Pancake Mix

(1) 12 oz Peanut Butter

(1) Dozen Eggs

(1) Dessert Item

*I.Q.F. - Individually Quick Frozen

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WTF? I was actually on a slow ride up - very slow, but up nonetheless, and still there this morning - but suddenly the doors have opened, I've been booted off and YOU GUYS drug me aboard the down express. Thanks. I want to be alone, someone keeps poking me in the back, and don't touch me.

I want off before it gets any lower.

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And the elevator just keeps on whizzing.....!

I told a colleague today that I had been colouring in pictures from newspapers last night, and he told me this wasn't very normal behaviour (I'm not remotely artistic, it just felt like it had to be done). Personally, I thought it was better than the previous night, when I was doing about five things at once (watching tv, listening to music, cleaning the house, talking to two people on msn, reading crazyboards, playing with the dog - okay, that's six.....), but hey, what do I know?!

I think it's only the seroquel keeping me sane(ish) at the moment, and I sooooo want to stop taking it and let myself get high!! *sigh* but I'll try to keep behaving.....

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Well, the fabulous food mentioned above is available, but not within 100 miles of where I live (No poor people in a resort with a 2% unemployment rate, huh?)

And the ;) is not exactly practical, since I am still in this lovely, sexy back brace, and--well, my movement is a bit limited, shall we say??

Had a nibble on selling some old things of my Dad's that I have been wanting to sell, would bring in $200, but I have my doubts they guy will come. I could sell the stuff, individually on E-bay, but the time and trouble to sell it all is just overwhelming. They are specality items--not the kind of things a lot of people want (vintage model airplane engines)

So, elevator continues to the bargin basement--did have the pleasure of calling a guy about an ad in the paper, he didn't have what was in the ad, never DID have it, so I threatened him with false aadvertising, told him a few other choice things--very satisfying, for the moment.

When will this end? IS there a basement in this building???

Jesus, what if we are all on our way to hell or something??

cheers, china

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1. China -- don't rule out ;) -- some people out there probably *like* back braces ... plus, hey, naked chick.

2. I feel better today and might not be on the mixed-up elevator where someone pressed all the buttons. I think. Rough day but here I am yelling at the TV b/c someone on CSI keeps saying "triazapon." Yelling at the TV is what I'd call normal for me.

I hate the elevator and I hope we can all get off it sometime soon.


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