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Heya fellow crazies,

I've been referring everyone to my ghost-post and now I'm gutsy enough to post for real.

So here's a copy.

Thanks for your understanding and support, I feel pretty vulnerable lately and it's very very reassuring.


Heya fellow crazies,

Here I am.

I think I owe you all an apology and an explanation.

It probly looks like I got mad and bugged out.

Not so much, ok.


A lot of stuff going on.

Getting triggered a lot by many many crazy patients.

Fucking social anxiety is getting the best of me to the point I'm not getting things done at home.

Three months since I saw my psychiatrist. (We can't get it together re. our ridiculous job schedules, whatever.)

Can't get marriage counseling b/c they're all afraid of fucking bipolar.

Friend got married and I so wanted a drink I almost cried.

Sick of hearing IRL how doctors suck. I took that out on you guys and I am so sorry. Just so sorry. That was wrong. I want to plead insanity but it's more like being a jerk.

Just. Tired.

I'll be ghosting around for a bit I think, then I'll be back in full crazy doc mode anytime, b/c you guys are my friends.

Thanks to everyone for the PMs.

And I'm sorry I yelled.


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Heya Libby,

Okay maybe I overestimated my rant, that's fine.


So, here I am, back being a wacko, all over the place, no thread is safe.


Thanks Libby and everyone for proving me wrong about people all hating me for spouting off.


Social phobia sucks bigtime.



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I read that "Thanks everyone for the PMS" hahahaha. You can certainly have mine dear.

Seriously, I don't remember anyone bitching about you. We lurve you. Really. We don't want you to go. I'm sorry you've been going through such a tough time lately. It's alot to handle. Take a break, you sure as hell need it. Lurk away.

You have helped me when no one else would, I'm here for you if you need anything at all. Even to talk about marriage counseling if you would like. PM me, I've had my share of marriage probs. It's no big secret. I'll listen.

Take care, and Thank You for all your help.


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If you can't bitch here, then this forum is pointless. And its not pointless, so you can bitch. You might be a doctor, but more importantly, you're a person. I think if everyone came here feeling like they have to suppress their emotions, this would be a very different place. Thank goddess its not.

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Hi, ncc, sorry things suck and I hope they ease up soon (crazy patients getting less crazy, whiners less whiny, therapists more therapeutic, etc.). I've been missing in action myself for a few weeks, so I didn't even know you were missing, or I'd have been PMing you (or PMSing you, I guess). Anyhow, don't feel like you have to be Dr. Ncc all the time. We love you because of your scintillating posts; your experience on the other end of the stethoscope is just a handy extra. The last thing I'd want is for you to be censoring your posts or feeling you have to be someone you're not because you're a doc.

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Hey-Honey--''If they ain't tired of me, they sure ain't tired of you! "

I for one missed the rant (shit, I miss all the fun) but I care not--I amjust gald you are back and was really worried about you--

Is it sick to say I am glad you are bat-shit crazy enough to be back? Shouldn't we applaud those who manage to get a life raft of this sinking ship? Nope, not us--we welcome the other inmates as they get more mentally interesting and return, like lemmings to the sea.

Anyway, so glad you're back--


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Welcome back...I didn't even know you were gone (though I've been working 11 hours/day for nine days straight.) Anyway, I'm sorry I sort of whined about my pdoc---I know it must be very tough to be one. Esp. when you're dealing with your own neurotransmitter stuff. I really appreciate knowing that there is an actual pdoc on line (I didn't know until recently.) It's nice of you to help out...I'm sure you are more than busy and could be doing LOTS of other stuff!

Sorry again that you felt unappreciated. You are not.


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hey ncc,

welcome back to the boards lady.

don't feel bad for taking a break, we all deserve one at times. You've got your own problems to cope with as well. Being on both sides of the fence with respect to being crazy must be as confusing as it is interesting. I'm glad people like you exist, to give other people afflicted with psychiatric illness a hope to be something more than a labourer at the puzzle factory.

Your knowledge and experience as a doctor is appreciated greatly, but don't mistake it as necessary. You do us all a great service by adding your professional input, but you do even greater service simply being a realistic and kind person.

As for the "doctors suck" aspect of crazyboards, I'd personally prefer to believe it is simply because people don't find internet messageboards to talk about how amazingly well their treatment for whatever disorder is going. This kind of skew is perhaps especially profound for someone such as yourself, because intentional or not, you are lumped into that category.

It's easy to spout some practical method to cope with this, but I'm sure theory has no bearing on reality. Look out for number one, ncc, because I think you're amazing, as a person and as a doctor, and it would be a horrible shame if we lost you on account of taking on other people's issues when you haven't a foot to stand on.

Take care~

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This is all a front, ncc, but YOU know and I know that you really vanished just because you didn't want to answer my questions about Fosamax, my thyroid and the difference between an MD and a DO.

Harrumph (the Fosamax stuff has been in the news since anyhow. Headline news. Great! Now what's for osteoporosis? )

BTW I thought it was Stinky who ranted about docs being unappreciated and that was about a month ago. Not so? (And of course that's water LONG over the dam now that we know how she's tortured where she works).

I think people should give URLs when they apologize for something so we can check out their offense and decide whether we want to forgive them or not. ;)


Welcome back, Lady Doc (Bet you LOATHE that phrase, don't you? Sorry) . I figured you were here all along, since you fessed up once that like me you are almost always here in invisible mode. Hey how come I supposedly don't have Social Anxiety but I am one of the only invisible members... and the ONLY one who minds being fingered for time of Edit? (And I DO mind :embarassed: ).


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Heya friends,

Thanks ;)

Ever had a day where 3 of every 7 people you saw were fellow wackjobs who (1) didn't know you were one and (2) needed you to help them and (3) were so crazy they were triggering you to be crazy too?

A few of those, recently.

Thanks for being my real/imaginary friends


Fosamax is okay probly for most people unless they're cancer patients on chemo, probably, we think.

MDs are doctors. ODs are osteopaths, noone including them knows what that is. DOs are optometrists, they can do mysterious slit-lamp things.

I'll look around for your thyroid Qs, although most likely, with most thyroid Qs, the answer is yes, maybe, get a blood test.

(trust me, I'm a doctor smilie)

(VE says that's a scary one)


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