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OK, so I'm tapering off Zyprexa again (well, I took the last 5mg tablet a week ago), and I'm back to 4 hours sleep a night already. Also, the damn 'song of the week' is picking up where it left off the second I wake (currently 'Down Poison' by 3 Doors Down, FWIW, although I should be pleased that 'Radio Brain' is only playing one track at a time for now).

Shit Shit Shit.

So it's all starting again, probably. I'll be back on Zyprexa again within two weeks in all probability.

Just wondering about the lack of sleep thing: is this a symptom or a trigger? Could I stave off the inevitable with OTC sleep meds, perhaps, or am I doomed to go back on the med-go-round for another ride?

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Sucks to be up right now, replying to you. Sigh.

It's my understanding that the lack of sleep can be a trigger and it can also be a symptom. How can we tell the difference? Heck if I know. I don't think anyone knows. I do think that we're supposed to be sleeping right now, though. And whatever we need to take to get to sleep, we should be taking it. Long term? It probably depends on what happens next...

I've been having some other symptoms...you can check out a couple other threads for some tea and sympathy from others that are on that elevator going up...you're not alone, that's for sure.

Sending you wishes for sleep and peace,


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Hiya, for me, lack of sleep is both symptom and trigger. If I start sleeping less/badly, I know I'm going up, but making sure that I do sleep - and if OTC stuff works for you, that's great, do it! - helps to stave it off. As does being around sane people and making myself slow down.... I think the most important thing is early awareness of what might be happening (the CPN was spot-on with that one) so that you can keep an eye on yourself and do what needs to be done to prevent full-blown episodes.

Hope this is of some use!

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There are times when hubby has held off minor manic episodes with OTC sleep stuff (mainly melatonin/velarian root stuff). But when its full-blown mania time, nothing can stop that train except zyprexa.

However, his need for zyprexa has gone way down now that he takes lamictal.

Not sure if this is going to apply to your case though.

As for symptom or trigger, I would vote both.

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Heya cachemonkey,

I'll chime in here that it's both a symptom and a trigger.

A couple months ago I was not sleeping b/c of life events. Psych immediately screened for depression vs. mixed/mania -- "Do you feel tired or do you feel okay without the sleep?" Then wrote me a scrip for Imovane.

Sleep helped, helps.

You might well need some Zyprexa or something on scrip to get some sleep and stop this train.

Best of luck. Sleep is just.so.important.


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