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Haven't had this in a while, and it may be unrelated to anything, but someone in this weird and wonderful zoo probably knows about this...

I'm sitting there, and suddenly it's like my worldview switches smoothly from normal/tetelphoto to wide angle. By which I mean that what I'm looking at stays normal, but stuff in my peripheral vision goes a long way away like it would in a wide angle lens. Except it's feelings as well. It's like my arms are eight feet long and my legs are miles away. I can control my limbs, but it's like working a puppet. If I look at them, they come back close and control feels normal. As soon as I go back to what I was doing, they stretch away like elastic. Everything except my immediate focus feels distant and disconnected. It feels kinda funky.

It's happened on and off for a while, but the last time it really happened was when I went blind for an hour or so for no reason. Scans showed nothing (but they were looking for evidence of a stroke three months after the event...).

Only reason I ask, is I'm off zyprexa again, and feeling a little strange - sleeping less, 'Radio Brain' is playing songs over and over etc etc

Anyone else had anything like this, or is it just a unique personal abnormality?

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