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The Talents of Z (Zyprexa in Zydis form)

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I've been on Z for over a week now and feel so great. Now I take Zyprexa in Zydis form at 15mg.

I have pretty bad PTSD and was wondering if the Zydis will knock that out too, since it is on the dissociation spectrum (it overlaps with anxiety and dissociation apparently).

I've done some reading that suggests it will knock out the PTSD, but do I need a higher dose to do this? We're planning to go up to 20mg next week.


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Hiya again-

I read that the Zyprexa in pill form makes you gain an average of 8lbs, while the Zydis form helps you lose about 14lbs. I'm at a weight that is good for my height but I've struggled to keep my weight in check and not get fat for my whole life, so I asked for and got the Zydis form.

The problem is that my appetite is unstopable. All I think about is FOOD.

Today I bought some Special K cereal and a new sports bra, and I'm going to give it a go with the cereal for 2 meals a day and the "real" meal for one meal, and eat fruit for snacks. I'll join Weight Watchers again when I have a job (read- when I have the money).

I've already gained about 5 lbs and I just started Z about 2 weeks ago!

Any other suggestions for keeping the weight in line? The Zydis was supposed to help!

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I am in the same boat - having started Zyprexa round the same time as you and having gained weight - 7lbs in my case ;)

I have managed to reduce the weight gain by 2 lbs by following a certain low carbohydate diet *cough* *Atkins* *cough*. You could try limiting carbs although this may be difficult as Zyprexa causes carb cravings. Try having cooked chicken or nuts on hand for when you feel hungry - something high in protein to stop the hunger and reduce cravings.

Blackbird x

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