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Google says CrazyBds is about BiPolar

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Or carousels.

You win. ;)

Life is all about ups and downs.

and downs and ups.

Here are the ads on top right now.

(Slow night)

I guess the Avery company wants to keep you on an even keel if your mood stabilizers don't do it.

It's the Incredble Hulk Coaster ("feel the rage") that scares me.

As for the EBay items - they're kind of cute (if the link works).

Noticed any funny Google ads with your favorite threads? (Hey, I figure it's at least as good at soothsaying as the magic Eight Ball).


Company Profile

Avery Safety Consulting provides inspection services, expert witness and litigation support services to owners, operators, patrons and their representation.

Our experience with roller-coasters spans twenty plus years, providing service and performing inspections on roller-coasters throughout the United States.


Location: Islands of Adventure

Category: Roller Coaster

Incredible Hulk Coaster

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It's because of the description for the bipolar board.
Well, sure, that's what I figured! ;) Don't know Google's algorithms, but I guess the most terms pertain to that imagery than any other.

If life is a ride, BP's a fucking theme park. Whether you're riding the roller coaster, spinning 'round the demonic carousel, buying souvenir toenail clippers for the population of Rhodesia, or weeping on the sidelines as some kid pukes on your head,

Guess it must have hesitated a little at the puking part. (Surprised we didn't get an ad for Peptobismol tho - and even more, for Dramamine. Do not think there are many links for toenail clippers...)


PS By the way, dear Grammar Police, a quick glance at the CB home page revealed an exotic spelling of absCence (I prefer something more reminiscent or Absinthe) and a just plain goof on Allergen.

(No comments on my monstrosific editing s.v.p.)

of Absinthe

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