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Thank you for the WARM welcome!

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Since there's not many other people currently on-line, I thought I'd be the Welcome Wagon. So... welcome to CrazyBoards. (I'm doing the capitalization thing now, too :-)

I like it here. It's basically like our own little Internet town of crazies. I'm mostly a hermit, there are some really awesome folks. So please stay and make yourself at home.



P.S. Your mom sounds like a real bitch for calling you one. You've probably got enough to deal with on your own without that shit. Parents can be ... non-parental so often.

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Echt, horny security is the worst. They should all be outed as the creeps they are and pelted with rotten fruit in the streets.

As for capitalizing the True Key Important Words, yeah, I like that too, but more in what I like to think is the Style of Hunter Thompson. You can change some kind of Normal Thing, into a proper nounish Normal Thing by capitalization. I consider it one of my superpowers (not really).

So, good to have you here.

At least she didn't call you Two Nasty Bitches.

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