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Complex PTSD as Developmental Trauma Disorder

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Hi all. I started a thread in the personality disorders regarding possibility of borderline condition resulting from childhood trauma. I have posted a paper I aquired by chance here:


This paper is the handout for a course on Understanding and Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's large (49 pages, printed) and kinda technical, but it has some very interesting stuff in it. Here is one interesting example:

Allostasis: A process in which the brain adapts to neurotoxicity but the compensatory circuits are not as robust as the original circuits that were genetically programmed to function. Over time the allostatic load can cause a gradual strain on the system with the resultant development of psychological and/or physiological illnesses.

Meaning, a neurotoxic brain is already somewhat weakend. A relatively small traumatic event could trigger full blown PTSD in such individuals. Not everyone here has a neurotoxic condition, but the paper is full of little gems like that that may point you in the right direction if you can't quite pin down your disorder.

Here is a more concise paper, concentrating on Developmental Trauma Disorder, probably as it will be proposed to the DSM-V as a potential subcategory of complex PTSD (which will probably also be added to the DSM V):


Also see http://www.traumaresources.org. There is a good set of videos there regarding DTD, and Dr. Paula Thomson, who wrote the Understanding PTSD paper, is a contributor to the site.

Check it out, and post your thoughts!

Alex K


I was going to add this to the pinned thread, but it's closed. Here is a list of trauma resources which may be helpful in PTSD:


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Hi, Alex! Just hearing you talk about it sets me off. Me, I was 16 when I joined the disabled fold. -younger than 18, meaning - oh, I dunno. Just that my mom was set off by my daring to consider myself developmentally disabled; I guess we're alterign the fabric of life. those of us kept alive by science. Yuh feel me? Thanx!

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