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If I go on like this, I'm really going to do some serious damage.

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The last time I cut myself I slashed the backside of my forearm and it required 15 stitches. I nicked a tendon.

I only got some endorphin relief for about 5 minutes, but at the time, it was worth it.

I NEED to feel pain.

And I don't know how to get it without permanently injuring myself.

I am at a loss.

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What can you do to distract yourself from the urges of self injury? I set up a self injury website a while abck now at www.geocities.com/hurtingwithin there are lots of distractions on their

yes I know its easy for me to ask you what can distract as I am not you and dont know how you feel right now, but what I can tell you is how I allow my urges to safely pass for me

I was a serious si'er requiring intervention every time I harmed, now 4 days from a year free of si which is progress

I find doing the at times 5 minute game works wonders, spend 5 minutes and then reasses your urges, then take 5 more mins and so on

I also find writting down what is making me want to harm, what i feel harming will achieve, how I will feel both during and after harming, helps a lot... helps to put things into perspective a lot.

If you want to chat Im around



ps you are stronger than you think, challenge the urge and fight above it

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