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it's all stupid.

carry on.

ok fuck.

another apanck atack fuck i aant even write.

how do you talke youeself out of this again?

canit relay be done?

fuck gotta go oustide

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thanks breeze. you are kind.

i have since decided not to care how much

clonazepam i have to take because it's better

than going crazy.

life's a peach. ;)

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i believe that there have been times where klonopin saved my life. and yes, i did have to do a slow taper once because i got addicted and i was getting tremors and that sucked... but i'm ok now. i don't think i'd be ok now if i hadn't had the klonopin.

yes, klonopin is much better than going crazy inside a panic attack.

meds are tools to help us through things. sometimes we need a floatie and sometimes we need a life raft. both are ok. your doctor gave it to you to help, and i'm glad you are letting it help.

if you are worried about dosage, maybe try to talk to your doctor about that? but i think it's good that you're letting the meds help you through this.


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