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Nothing spectacular, just some thoughts. I have some weider shit.

I want to keep my room clean. I want my gums and teeth to be healthy.

I want it to be so easy, natural.

My brain feels stuffy. Circuits disconnected or connected the wrong way.

I need clarity. I need to know what you said.


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To Gettin'There--

Wow, I really admire you , not only for having so much insite into your own mind, but being willing to share it with us. Your words are the same ones I have written in my journal, screamed outloud in my head, yelled out the window of my car, spoken as I cried into my pillow so no one else would hear me.

Thank you--and please keep writing. I have a feeling a lot of things you have to say will be meaningful for lots of us.

blessings, china

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