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pc levity: used user's poem

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Used Users' Poem

(inspired by true experiences with Microsoft products)


While rushing to client, no moment to spare

I hurried to finish a job in despair.

Trying to upload some files to my site...

Nothing was happening, try as I might!

I pounded and shouted and yelled at the screen,

But this did not work it to well it would seem.

So I thought a download would fix me up quick,

But I should have beaten myself with a stick.

The ftp download wiped out my accounts,

It clobbered my passwords and ate all my fonts.

So I used my backup, but when I reboot,

My mouse was quite active but keyboard was moot.

"Oh my god holy," I think I did scream,

Followed by something extremely obscene.

I got down on my knees...

I crossed my fingers and said "god, OH please!"

"If you can see it in your heart!"

With my hand on my PC I yelled out..."RESTART!"

I then hit the reboot and covered my head,

With my favorite blanket to stave off the dread.

My PC made sounds that I've not heard before,

I got a strong feeling to head for the door.

And when I had gained enough courage to see,

I saw a blue screen staring right back at me.


I then wished Bill Gates had been killed when pre-natal.

And just when I thought all my hope had been shot,

A message appeared: "Insert Card Into Slot"

I looked in my wallet and took out my Visa,

And offered it to my PC on my knees-a.

It disappeared quickly and then it popped out,

My PC rebooted, and maxed my account.

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Than a pictures of Gates robbing me peer-to-peer.

"Merry Christmas!" He shouted,

"Not for YOU but for ME!"

"It's Christmas year-round...

...For my MONOPOLY!"

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