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Recording mood

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LG, MoodTracker.com is a website to track moods. Note that this is a post in the Bipolar forum.

I've been having trouble loading the site for the past four days, and haven't been able to bring it up at all for about 56 hours. Grrrrr.

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Nope, not just you. I've been keeping a log in Notepad on my computer. I have their basic question template (possibly out of order) and my own questions which always go in the "notes" box.













Filled out, it would look like this:


MOOD: 4(am)/4(pm)

MEDS: yes




SLEEP: 8.5


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: virtually nil. 1k walking.

SOCIAL INTERACTION: 4 hrs babysitting, 1hr phone Jem, 3hrs phone IJ.

WEATHER: warm cloudy, moderate rain

NOTABLE OTHER: [i’m not making this public.]

Irritability and anxiety are ranked 0-3. Mood is ranked 1-7 (1 for severely depressed, 7 for batshit manic). I'll transfer this to moodtracker whenever the damn site is up.

Am I missing anything?

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I sent them an email using their on-site form asking WTF is going on, but I don't necessarily expect a response.

I have begun keeping backup records of my information in Notepad (my journals and med lists transfer surprisingly well) and screen captures of my mood charts. I refuse to be left without my records when I finally see a pdoc again later this month.

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I've been unable to for a week now. Still not working for me, and I unfortunately didn't think to write things down until day before yesterday. ;) I'm a bit dissapointed. You have that Email address still? Maybe if enough of us complain...

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When I wrote to inquire about what was behind the software a number of months ago, I found out it was just one woman and her husband, who had programmed it for her to track her own mood episodes. It may be they've run into difficulty with bandwidth or with time to devote to fixing things when they break.

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MoodTracker's tech support sent me an email reply earlier this morning. Basically, their server has gone from providing Very Good Service to Very Unreliable Service this spring, and they plan to switch servers within the next few weeks. If you're worried about your data being lost/inaccessible, there's no harm in keeping running backups of your on-site data.

Some sections of the MoodTracker site (like the mood graphs) let you print your data. Others are less printer-friendly. What I do is highlight, copy, and paste the contents of my mood journal to Notepad (no real formatting to speak of, but it gets the text, dates, etc in a readable way). I also make screen captures of my mood graphs and medication log. All this is saved to my laptop, where I can show it to my psychiatrist.

Once they've gotten everything settled at the new server, their frequent downtime should be over. Which is good, because lately their server's been up and down more than a yoyo -- strangely appropriate for a bipolar mood site.

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