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I am now up to 1500mg Depakote as of...oh, Friday? And, coincidentally (???) I am depressed. as. fuck.

I know Dep is really good for mania. And my mixed episodes are LONG gone. Yay.

So is this something Dep is capable of doing?

Going to see pdoc this week. Just thought I would get a consensus. He is always awed by what I know from the boards. I guess I just retain shit well.

Lemme give you my other meds, a. m. Ha.

30mg Lexapro

450mg Wellbutrin

150mg Lamictal

Yeah, thoughts?

I used to be affected by all sorts of events in my life...who did or didn't do what, and woe is me about my childhood, but I seem to have lost that with some CBT, go me. But that leaves me left with nothing. Nothing to be depressed about.

As always, any responses are appreciated.


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That's a good 'un, for me I find myself feeling bleah coming out of a mixed state no matter what does the trick. It's like the manic and agitated part just evaporates and all that's left is the slow and lazy yuck. I am pretty sure these are all the medically correct terms of the day, btw. ;)

I'll be interested to see your other replies, too.

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