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Possibly Boring Medical Update--

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Had my 6 weeks appt, with my ortho doc today, Dr. Mark who says I have great looking x-rays, healing nicely, asked if I was pleased witht the surgery (YOU BET I AM). I ask about the brace--he says"wear it four more weeks"--will see me again in 8 weeks, and we will talk about starting PT and me returning to "full activity", i.e. looking for a job.

So--this whole thing will end up with me being out of circulation at least 14 weeks. Thats almost 4 months.

I so totally did NOT expect this news--we were going to have a "brace burning party" tonite--oh well. (Probably a good thing--fires in our neighborhood are a community affair, as I found out when my 2 next door neighbors, Dumb and Dumber, tried to burn down their house and mine yesterday)

I CAN drive, for limited periods, and of course, "keep walking" (thank god for the iPod)--no bending or lifting, of any weight over a gallon of milk.

I am pretty bummed out by all this, not sorry I had the surgery--the pain in GONE!!. But I just didn't think it was going to take this long--I remember asking and I swear one of the nurses told me 4 weeks in the brace, then they would decide from there. But it 10 weeks in the brace--then 4 more till he possibly clears me to work

Just wanted to let yall know--thankjs for everyone's thoughts and prayers and wonderful messages. They have really meant a lot to me--I was very afraid of the surgery, but it worked. Now--I just have to sit and wait some more.And figure out how we make it on one salary--

And try to maintain when I am completely depressed about my life--9 weeks seems like forever, I just think I'll go sit on the couch and cry for a while. That doesn't cost anything, at least.

Damn, damn damn--shit, piss, fuck, and hell- ;)


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I am pretty bummed out by all this, not sorry I had the surgery--the pain in GONE!!.
The pain is GONE! That is pretty much a miracle, chinacat. I remember how much horrible, excruciating pain you were in before the surgery. Try to focus on the success, and do not screw up your recovery, or 14 weeks off work will look like a picnic in comparison to a lifetime of pain.
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I'm sorry the recovery sucks so much (bet you're pretty sick of daytime television by now) but I'm so happy for you that the surgery seems to have gone well and that you're feeling better otherwise. Don't worry, you'll have your party yet!

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Heya ChinaOB,


You and I *both* know that if you break a bone it heals stronger than it *was* in a few weeks.

But surgical crap takes *forever.*

I'm so glad to hear you have no *pain!*

Here, fires are currently *out of the question* until maybe October. You know, forests and all that.

Yay Chinacat!!


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Yeah, fires here are also "not allowed" but Dumb and Dumber, my white trash neighbors, managed to set their bed on fire anyway, and tried to put it out with a hose. Meanwhile, their mama's 2 live oxygen tanks were in the next room.

Dumber said to me this AM--"You know, the firemen yelled at us yesterday." I told him wahat I told him yesterday--

"You are one stupid MF and if those O2 tanks had blown, it would have taken out your house, your car--which you refused to move away from the house, MY car, and MY house. And then guess what? I would have had to kick your sorry, retarded, unemployed ass."

Thank the gods they are having to move out--when I moved in my house they had three cars in the yard that they didn't ever drive, that they used for "storage" Seriously sorry folk.

Oh--BTW--I did the grocery thing today, all by myself, and let me tell you--I am so frickin out of shape. I just want to go to bed right now. REALLY whipped my ass. Sitting around is much less strenous.

Sigh-- but no pain, I keep telling myself that--and no "oops" things, like paralysis, or other nasty unplanned-for outcomes.

love to all-- china ;)

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Yeah, the idea of them being active members of the gene pool is truly scary. My hubby thinks Mama is running a half-way house, and that they are not all her kids. I say that's wishful thinking, the old girl just had bad taste in men.

When I told my son about them --there is a huge variety of races, and ethnic backgrounds among the "kids", he asked me if, at night when it was very quiet, I ever heard the words to "Its a small world afterall"?

Sigh--now they are gone and I have no ne to feel superior to! (Very important to someone as crazy as me)

Still no pain, still months to go, and getting way too hot to walk unless its very early (not happening)

love , china

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