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Interactions of SSRIs and CNS stims

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After reading the charts on this guy's website http://www.preskorn.com/books/ssri_s3.html , it is obvious that there are SSRIs that aren't so selective in their reuptake of serotonin. A handful of us could guess the particular SSRIs that mess with nor-epinephrine and dopamine re-uptake to an extent........ anyone? My initial guess would've been Zoloft and Prozac....ding ding ding!

According to Preskorn's charts based off of a few studies (whether or not the studies are totally legit I don't know.....right now I'm too benzoed to figure to look for legitamacy, but since the guy based a book off of these studies I'd think they'd be legit, plus he seems to be legit throughout the states and Europe)...

Okay, according to his charts..... for dopamine uptake, Zoloft was more pronounced in keeping the dopamine within the synapse than any of the TCAs and SSRIs as it avg. 140 (the lower avg the more it keeps the dopamine within the synapse for usage), followed by Paxil at around 2300, and Prozac being more prounced than any other TCAs and SSRIs at around 3500, Luvox and Celexa avg. in two studies at around 25,000. Though for the TCAs DA uptake isn't a labeled function, but the study at least does give an idea of how dopamine is affected by SSRIs and TCAs.... The TCAs were in the range of 8,000 to 11,000.

Now for nor-epinephrine.....the TCAs are pretty much serotonin and nor-epinephrine inhibitors, now how do some of the SSRIs compare with the TCAs in this respect?

Paxil in 3 trials averaged a 45, Zoloft averaged 183, Prozac avg. 198, Luvox at around 460, and Celexa avg. a whoppin 4,000 (the higher the more nor-epinephrine escapes back into the neuron without being blocked, the lower thus represents the more nor-epinephrine is blocked from re-uptake and kept in the synapse for use).........the TCAs: Elavil: avg. 17.3, Tofranil: avg. 13, and Norpramin avg. 0.70........................

This at the very least explains to me anyways, why Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil are so much more activating than Celexa/Lexapro, and Luvox....

For Serotonin re-uptake here were the following averages: Paxil at .48, Zoloft at 1.48, Celexa at 2.25, Luvox at 3.4, and Prozac at a stunning 62. The TCA Anafranil was at 1.8, but with a 17 on the NE charts....which with someone with a pre-disposed anger/rage issue this could elevate it to an extent if that individual is already taking a CNS stim of some kind.....

If anything, these stats show how any particular SSRI may react when taking along with a med that is already acting on the nor-epinephrine and dopamine productions and re-uptake of both neuros. Such as someone with an OCD/GAD issue taking Lexapro with Adderall, instead of Zoloft or Prozac with Adderall (just one of a few CNS stims). As the added extra pressure on the nor-epinephrine would send the individual into a fight or flight mode, which i've just got done being there, and many a time before have visited such glorious dregs.

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