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So I started Medifast yesterday. Yes I cleared it with pdoc. There is a lithium warning in the literature for some reason, perhaps because it is a ketogenic diet.

Anyways, no one knows of this diet in Canada and I got it online but I believe it is popular in the USA. So I am wondering if anyone here has tried it and whether or not they had good results.

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Hey Dee...what is this diet? Can you give me the reader's digest version?

The 6 week body makeover does work, (when you work it, that is!)

I was doing well but then stopped. I'm planning on starting again, tomorrow.

I did ok today, had some chocolate (all you ladies would understand.) Not hungry now, so not planning to cheat anyway. That website Lily found is cool. I need to go back to that too.

Anyway...just wanted to know what you wanted to start doing.

love ya


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Hey Cyd,

It's a lazy gal diet. You order their products (shakes, bars, oatmeal, soups) and have 5 per day plus one "lean and green" meal, basically a meat and salad type meal or soy and salad in my case since I am veggie.


I ordered a month's worth. The food tastes pretty good surprisingly.

Good luck with your 6 week body makeover. I have to google that now.

Dee xo

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