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Well, THIS explains a lot...

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hey y'all ---

I think I found a reason my boss occasionally acts inappropriately on occasion, with insults that he finds jocular (hehehehe I said jocular) but I find extremely insulting and rage-provoking.

I once stormed out of the lab, when something he said caused a physiological rage reaction in me before I even psychologically realized what was happening.

Well, as a prelude... my boss is my father's long-time best friend, and I consider him my uncle, moreso than any of my blood-uncles. In reciprocity, he considers me his nephew. However, there are a couple issues with this.

1) The last time he knew me well, i.e., last time I lived down here, is when I was 7. And by default, he treats me as such. An ankle-biting nephew who's a sweet, submissive boy. Not a rageful and sometimes arrogant 22 year old angstmonger.

2) #1 is likely inappropriate in the professional setting. Hell, my arrogance and rage isn't appropriate, either.

I've proposed a mechanism for why this occurs... Looks like he's some form of an Asperger autistic, just like me!! Now I'm not a PDoc or TDoc, so I'm in no position to diagnose, Nonetheless, this helps me understand his traits. For example, examples of his Aspie traits:

1) Acts inappropriately for the situation (see above)

2) Makes inappropriate jokes (again, above)

3) If 1 and 2 happen, and the person's reaction is negative, then he feels horribly guilty and doesn't know why or how he hurt the person.

4) Doesn't like communicating with others; keeps to himself (noted by the rest of his family).

5) Narrow range of interest (biochemistry), often to benefit (he's gotten everything short of the Nobel in his field!).

6) Unwillingness to change his ways and thinking (explaining the craniorectal insertion I've complained about a couple weeks ago, along with the fact he still considers me to be his 7 year old ankle-biting nephew).

Honestly, he shares 1, 2, 3, and 5 with me. However, on 4 and 6, we're polar opposites; and this results in most of the sand in our lab. Again, we've formed a fucking beach in there. =D

This behavioral paradigm has led me to accept his behavior a lot more. (Also, it doesn't hurt either that I've found a new member to my med cocktail that has made me GREATLY 'chill out'; see http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11811 ).

as per boss, I know nothing about anything,


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