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Ok. I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I am still cuddly, adorable, and incredibly hot. ;)

I had a party at my gp's office this morning to chat about the results of my 40 blood tests. Low blood sugar, low something in my tissues, blah, blah, blah.

her: "You haven't had your weight taken in two months."

me: "I don't want to. I gained 20 pounds in 4 months. My boobs are so huge, another doctor asked me if they were real."

her: "Oh my." (She's so cute.)

me: "I'm exercising. I don't eat that much. My clothes don't fit. I feel like a pregnant hippo."

her: "Oh dear. I can give you this fat blocker that may help. You can fill it, but you don't have to take it. Those darn meds you're on." (She is super cute.)

Anyone been on Xenical?

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I did a fat blocker for about a year. Lost 40 pounds, but it wasn't a prescription. It was a chitosan fiber suppliment. I was able to keep the 40 pounds off but I need to lose 40 more. For some reason it just stopped working after a while....but I am really not complaining.

It was this stuff: www.chitogenics.com

Not the hoodia blend (that's new) but the Mahaung-free one.

I am tempted to buy the new one, but as you can see it is a tad expensive.

Best bet is to go in with a buddy or two and get the buy 3 get 3 free deal.

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Chitosan fiber? Is that like chewing on grass? ;)

So naturally, my insurance didn't cover it, like the whole Lunesta hoo-ha, but I'll make my dr write them a nasty note, like the whole Lunesta hoo-ha.

Oh, I just can't wait for the sexy GI side effects. That will definitely help me attract a boyfriend!

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when they made xenical, the guys that tried it out had to wear nappies. i am not joking on this one. it is so potent, it makes every skerrick of fat you eat exit your body in the most pavlovian "i'm never going to eat fat ever again".

chitosan binds fat in vitro. there isn't any evidence for it in vivo however. it's made from crushed lobster shells.

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