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ritalin - methylphenidates for any kind of pain

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Frosty here...Really weird fo me but I am now on 10 mg of reg ritalin and 20 / 20 mg of ritalin s.r.

for my anger and pain> I haven't blown my stack since and beleive me that is a wow! for me in my current

situation. I am also on a wopping 1500 mg of Naproxen , an anti inflammatory super advil like pain killer

which before dulled my pain but never kept me pain free. Now I do not feel a thing....

Anyone else use this drug(Ritalin )or similar and get this response.. I am really happy......No one can even get me

to become pissed so far.. And beleive here at home it is a quite the achievement..


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When I took focalyn, I apparently exhibited very little affect one way or another. That's probably something similar to your anger going away.

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HI - I know that i am bumping a really old post but i was looking for some info about just this topic.

My doc just added ritalin 10mg bid to boost my anti-depressant but i have found that it has also really helped with the pain ad fatigue i experience from my fibromylagia. I figured it would help with the fatigue but am surprised to see that it has greatly (almost entirely!) eliminated my daily pain. I have even been able to drop my Celebrex dose in half to 200 mg in the morning only.

I have also found that i am sleeping much better and actually able to get up at a reasonable time (2 hrs after my am ritalin).

Has any one else found this?



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Although it works through a different mechanism - like some of the pain-relieving TCAs, methylphenidate does increase the amount of extracellular noradrenaline in your brain. Also, seeing dilaudid in your .sig, I wonder if it may not be improving sleep by relieving some of the respiratory depression commonly associated with opiates.

That's two far-fetched theories for the price of one! In the end, what counts is that it works.

For my part, the noradrenergic meds have been very good for my ability to get sleep once I go to bed. Sometimes, before then too.

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