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Topamax-Now I trust my doc but...

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He's a good guy and has steered me right for a year. I haven't been on topamax in five years and truthfully can't remember why I went off ot it. It may have been because the seroquel worked so damn well.(That was really probably it) But now my weight has gone from being "troublesome" to an "issue" and among a thousand other helpful(helping my depression,alcoholism,ptsd,BPII, sleep disorders,cluster headaches) things topamax may have a weight neutral effect on me or at the very least stop the intense carbo cravings. But since my mind isn't what it once was can someone tell me of real, actual dealt-with side effects (as opposed to the PI sheet which I don't have enough of an attention span for-no thanks to you adderall) If I can prepare my mind for side effects I get through them better.



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The forgetting of words or words getting mixed up between the brain and mouth.

I had the opposite of deja-vu alot, but I don't know how common that is for alot of people. (I'm taking it for seizure control as well as mood stabilization)

I was tired alot it seems like. But this was a long time ago, so I may be thinking of another one. (most of them make me tired anyway)

Everything else is dose and time dependent. I've had to deal with some kidney stones but not everyone does.

Maybe someone else who has started this a little more recently than me can help you out. Whose memory will be a little more fresh than mine. Sorry.

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For me being on 150mg of topamax created what I laugh at ... the stupid factor. Maddy more elonquently put it though.

I could not remember a damn thing. Reducing it now to eventually stopping it has been amazing. I

remember everything.. I was so bad at one time I refused to go to any gathering where I had to converse with people.

Food was an option that I could take or leave even combined with 50 mg of Seroquel (small dose)

But who is to say,we all react so differently to stuff... I never read the pamphlet from drugstores I rely on Pdoc and say ..So what can I expect..

He tells me the whole story-the good the bad the dangerous. Half the time , I used to get so anxious about the side effects, I imagined I had them all. That is when he started to ask me to stop reading so much..

I am me and you are you.. In my case It was a really easy drug to hsndle. I hope you have good luck with it.

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I was on a low dose, and that matters.

I had some word finding problems, but not a lot.

I had tingling in my hands and face (oddly) and feet. But that was after a titration and didn't last.

I lost 30 pounds really fast. That was why I took it. I have heart disease in my family and was over weight.

I had a very unusual reaction to this med. I became really depressed. I am not now, or at any time, depressed. I have GAD. No depression.

But on Topamax, I got really really depressed to the point where I cried all the time. My p-doc reduced my dosage and I was fine within 24 hours.

However, eventually even at 50 mgs, it came back and so I can't take it anymore. However I am considering asking if I can just for a few months. ;) I mean, I know the signs.


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I take 200 mg of Topamax. Here are my side effects...

I have tingling, off and on, in my hands and feet, and every now and then in my face. Sometimes I can't feel my nose. Isn't that weird? None of the tingling is ever bothersome enough to be classified as "bad."

I can't think of words. My family calls me the living fill-in-the-blank test. Sometimes I will say the wrong word. For example, yesterday at Macy's, I pulled out my wallet, retrieved my driver's license for a credit card transaction and said, "Do you need to see my remote control?" Ah, yes.

I have lost 16 pounds that I gained from taking Seroquel and I no longer have the intense carb cravings from that drug.

I can't say that I feel stupid as a box of rocks as some people say they feel on this drug. I mean, I don't like calling my driver's license a remote control, but I can read, write, converse and drive normally most of the time....there are just these moments of "duh" that hit without warning. But that's me. Maybe I'm lucky.

Good luck, Lilie.


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The first time I was on it last year, I had the tingling that went away, 30lb weight loss, and the stupids. Went off it because we lost our insurance and couldnt' afford it anymore.

Now I'm back on it, 100mg (as of now) and the tingling of the feet comes every night still, the weight loss seems to have been a one time thing as I haven't lost a pound on it this go round, and I have the dumb again just as bad as before.

But my moods are stable and that makes me very happy. And I haven't had a migraine!


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Guest Guest

Crap! I have had a headache every day since I've started topamax. Isn't it supposed to make them go away? I haven't been able to eat because I've been sick to my stomach. It's only been a week jeez how much longer is this going to go on? ;)


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