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Delusions: Definition and Discussion Resource

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This site has ready definitions along with some discussion of what constitutes different kinds of thinking including delusional, overvalued, culturally & religiously acceptance and others. It also embraces the paradox of defining something that isn't knowable, i.e. How can you "know" that what I believe is false?


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I find thinking too hard about delusions and other people's perceptions can be dangerous and scary. The nicest thing about starting my current course of medication was coming back into the "real" world and having a nice cup of tea and chatting about the weather. That's probably a very interesting site but think I'll give it a miss all the same..

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so, am I getting it that you have to have hallucinations to be psychotic?

where would my paranoid projections (projective identification) come in? maybe its an obsession? or is it one of those 'over valued ideas' things...? because I'm aware I'm not really being followed, about to be attacked, etc, but am still split and cannot connect the rational and irrational parts of my thinking to overcome the paranoid behaviour...)

(getting tied up in words here...should maybe start a new thread on that...when I'm feeling brave...)

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Delusional thinking is a form of psychosis, too.

Psychosis Symptoms & Signs

loss of touch with reality

seeing, hearing, feeling, or otherwise perceiving things that are not there (hallucinations)

disorganized thought and/or speech

emotion is exhibited in an abnormal manner

extreme excitement (mania)


depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts

unfounded fear/suspicion

mistaken perceptions (illusions)

false beliefs (delusions)

After reading that...on any given day a whole lot of people in this world could be psychotic. I'm not trying to be funny, either.......I just think that "psychosis" is a scary word to a lot of people.

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thanks DMF.

I knew it.

although when I told my pdoc about the time when I had my first major depressive episode (12 years ago) when I believed I had hodgkin's lymphoma, and went to get blood tests and all (convinced my dr to send me....**&%$ dr didn't even consider I might be unwell emotionally....just ignored that...yes, that first episode went undiagnosed and untreated at the time)

anyway, when I mentioned to the pdoc that I'd seen it as psychotic depression, he said no, because when I'd had the results back from the blood tests that all was clear, I believed I was ok then.....if I hadn't, then it would have been psychosis....

but, I know I hang around the edges of psychosis, with my borderline tendencies...

uh, sorry to ramble, but I'm trying my best to understand this...and get better....

/back to topic...

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I understand about trying to get better....and as an outsider trying very hard to understand my dd's situation, I, too, find this all confusing. I think there's a lot of gray area in all of this....afterall, dd almost 100% realizes that what she sees/hears is a hallucination but they are still hallucinations, kwim? At the risk of alienating different types of patients (and that is not my intent), it almost seems important to determine the severity of the symptoms in making these diagnosis. I don't always think doctors do that, kwim? As an example, I don't think you are necessarily delusional if you think there is a strong possibility that aliens exist and have visited the earth but if you feel that with a strong conviction and get with the wrong doctor you are sometimes labeled delusional.

If you don't mind my saying, feel good that you *know* what is going on with you....even if you can't make it all go away....you are still in reality.

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