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Topimarate/topamax instead of Lamictal/lamotrigine

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hey y'all ---

Lamictal has been working reasonably well in preventing me from having too much sand (and has really curbed my rage as well as lessened the intensity of my depressive episodes) -- It could be better, but it's doing a fair job and I don't mind it.

But, the existing (and rapidly increasing) amount of sand I'm having may bring down my opinion of the stuff.

There's a definite basis of the increase in sand content, and you can see it in this post:


To summarize the nature of the sand, it has to do with the fact that I'm Aspie and cannot get into my head certain arbitrary (and counterintuitive) rules we've got in society. I.e., the stuff you follow even though it's detrimental to you and everybody else, but just because it's society's tradition and some things and people will never change. And furthermore, when your well-being depends on you following these rules. Again, details in above linked post.

And yes, I've tried to convince therapists about this problem, to no avail, have tried self-therapy, and it's all only increasing my sand. I know this sounds bad, but it looks like I need to medicate my Aspie condition into submission for the time being in order to stay sane, and I have read that Topamax/topimarate is the only med that has the possibility of doing this.

So, has anybody else (especially Aspie+BPII) switched from Lamictal to Topamax and noted a decrease in sand, as well as overall Aspie symptoms? Input is appreciated!

I've got to medicate myself / I'm not concerned about my health / it covers up what I've been dealt / it's been the only way... - Flaw, "Medicate", Album: Endangered Species (2004)


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I have read that Topamax is helpful for the Aspie population (my son is diagnosed high-functioning autism), but more for sensory integration issues. Now, that being said, it is also good for other things that are not specifically Aspie issues per se, but are certainly things that would help. They are:

1. anxiety

2. impulsivity

3. for some people, rage

I don't know how much of your sand arises from anxiety or a kind of anxiety circling back on itself (as in: I don't get why this has to be this way and it bugs the crap out of me and I can't take it and that freaks me out further and now I feel even worse, ad infinitum...my son has this problem)...but it seems Topamax might be helpful in this regard.

I mean, no drug is going to change your view of the world. But let's pray they don't come out with such a drug! Right?

Anyway, the help with impulsivity and rage can certainly help with the sand issues when possible confrontations arise over frustrating situations. I know my son would often have face-offs over what he thought were arbitrary rules at school--and you know, I usually agreed with him...they were abitrary and sometimes downright stupid--and a time or two, they led to rage and a call home to pick him up.

I take Topamax. It's no wonder drug, but it does help with these things in my life. I'm BP I and I've evened out a great deal. I actually have some Aspie characteristics myself (there's no question where the genetics came from in my son) and have seen some of them lessen since I've been on Topamax. I sure wouldn't NOT recommend it.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.

Good luck,


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While not an Aspergers person, I've taken Lamictal and Dope-a-max. I'd say about the Lamictal that it does even me out, taking the heights and depths out of my episodes, without totally eliminating them.

As for Dope itself, it made me as dumb as a rock. It took me two hours to find the highway right by my house. I'd take it again, I felt great, but I like being able to type and know my name.

It will help with sand issues.

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Okay, to all ---

Had a discussion with pdoc about this today, and mutually decided against Topamax, due to:

1) Given how full of sand I've been recently (and I'm only speaking of work-induced sand, to say nothing of that from CB!), dorking with my mood stabilizer (off Lamictal and onto something else) could be a gamble. Especially since my BPII is depression-predominant, switching to Topamax might decrease the anti-depressiveness of my cocktail.

2) I guess I was mistaken as to the stupaminergic activity of Topamax. I didn't know it could dork with one's verbal fluency. As it is, due to some sort of brain damage I've sustained due to some mysterious neurological issue, I have trouble coming up with verbs, adjectives, and the more abstract and/or obscure nouns. During my neuropsych battery yesterday, I couldn't figure out what an elephant's trunk was - The closest I came was "snout".

So yeah, not the drug for me. ;)

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