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Feeling unwanted,ignored

even ugly

not feminine enough

Men arent intrigued

Why are you here

Just to see others happy

Not good enough, not a notice

Looked over passed up

Still a child who hasnt lived life

But growing old fast

Going no where

Living life in my head

Alone due to disease

Too low to change

Just reactive

Never proactive

Same ole story

where did your life go

where did your life go

alone alone alone

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Oh hon this feeling is temporary. I have definitely have shared this feeling. I wake up in the morning and think "WTF am I going to do with the rest of my days?" But I manage and you will too. People love you,miss you, laugh at your jokes, want to hang out with you, and care about your welfare. Everything will work out.

Things WILL work out


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Well, I am a man, and I was (am) intrigued by my new (hmmm..., not so new now, almost a year) s.o., even tho she continues to struggle with depression sometimes. Note that she is 47, and quite overweight, but she looks good to me, and she's very fun to spend time with. Oh, and she's just a little butch, which I like. Maybe you won't find crowds of men who want you, but I'll bet you can find one.

And, I'm thinking you'll get your meds dialed in a bit better, or get something more out of therapy, and find that you're starting to have more friends. I'm at that point now.

If you've got a few friends, it's possible to have an interesting life even before you find a romantic partner. And if you're having an interesting life, that makes you more attractive. If you value yourself, you'll be more attractive to friends. So, start doing good things for yourself. Now.

Remember that when you're depressed you're likely to see things as worse than they are.

Hope things start to look up soon. (I know this all sounds glib, and I know it can be a long, difficult process, but it's worth it. I've still got a long way to go myself. )

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