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Maybe the below makes all my other employment-ranting posts in other forums obsolete. I'm not going to detail again the troubles I have, as y'all have already heard them thousands of times over.

Let's just say that he has a close associate faculty member (literally, close, the associate's minions share the same lab space as boss' and often we directly collaborate) who's extremely open-minded about pretty much anything... providing it makes sense and fits the time and budget constraints.

Now, the boss has told me in no uncertain terms (in his language, it's *GROAN*) that I should not be doing work for his associates (I suppose it's in part since my salary's coming from HIS personal grant money).

Now that said, boss is being kind of an idiot, as y'all know. Not idiot in the sense of intelligence and knowledge (he's a genius in his field), more idiot in the fact that he closed up his mind to anything new, 25 years ago.

Solution? During downtime in doing the boss' bidding (doing said bidding is frustrating for me, I know, but I guess I just have to deal with the uncontrollable excess sand), I'm going to collaborate with the associate and his minions on doing something more interesting. In the past, I have proposed interesting new methods, and said associate did say they'd be helpful, and even told me to start applying one to work in the direction of my boss' desires. (Boss saw what I was doing, groaned, and told me to GBTW in the manner of exactly what he'd told me to do.)

So how am I going to get away with this? Well, 1) Boss may not recognize that I'm spending downtime collaborating with the associate, and/or 2) Boss treats me as bratty ankle-biting nephew, so I'm going to treat him as my clueless uncle. In any event, he wouldn't fire his own nephew. hehehehehehe

Granted, I'll still be a little annoyed that I won't get to work on my multifaceted approach to treating antidepressant "poop-out" (for major dorkage details, see my 'new paradigm' post in the biology of self forum). Although this lab used to study receptors, there currently exists no grant for it.

Building on that, I may have two options.

1) Consider writing my own grant with collaboration from the associate (or if applicable, other interested faculty). Boss explicitly denied this idea to me, with *GROAN* as his reason. :-)

2) Pass on the idea to another faculty member, somewhere at this college preferably, who may be interested in studying receptors and channels that are involved in this paradigm. I may well help out with the work and definitely on the theoretical aspect in my spare time (though in a volunteer manner, outside of my 40 hour workweek and not during downtime at work). For some odd reason, I care more about helping out the MI with this than I care about being compensated for work. Weird stuff as I'm a total miser, and one who's barely getting by financially, at that.

My dad's vehemently against me having a grant on my own name w/o the boss, or even spreading my idea to other faculty, and hesitates to give me a reason why. I have a strong feeling he doesn't want his best friend's ego destroyed. (I guess it's a personality thing - If my protege had an interesting innovative idea like this, I'd probably help him/her write a unique grant to get it done! [Providing we had the labspace and I could give the protege the time to work on it.] Hey, nothing like fortune and fame attached to both of us if this happens to work!)

Unless Dad gives me a reason on why this could damage my career, I'm going ahead with one of my alternate options. This sounds totally selfish, but I place my own career well above my boss' own little ego and the disappointment he may have for my father.

with a rebel ion current, he screamed de-polar-ization,


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