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Off meds while pregnant

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Has anyone stayed off meds while pregnant and you had been taking them prior?

What kind of meds have guys taken while pregnant?

As soon as I found out I was pregnant (unexpected) I called my pdoc. She took me both my meds cold turkey. Lamictal 100mg and Seroquel 800mg. After going a day and a half without them I felt so terrible. "Morning sickness" had already started the night I found out. I spent about 2.5 days thinking I was dying. I went to the OB and saw the ARNP. She suggested I go back on the Lamictal after looking it up in a book and listening to what a horrible weekend I had. I saw my pdoc and I was set to go back on it but I reliazed that I feel fine mentally. So I didn't fill my new perscription. I'm just having typical first trimester troubles. Well, at the OB they're running a liver test since I've had brusing and itching. I missed a call from my pdoc Friday morning and didn't check my messages until Saturday morning. She said she wanted to talk about my meds.

I'd like to not use any meds while pregnant but I will if I think I need it. I'll also be open to it if my docs and hubby really think I need to go back on.

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I had been on Depakote and Seroquel when I conceived this last time. I stopped Depakote cold turkey when I found out- I was already around two months pregnant. I also discontinued the Seroquel until the second trimester and then discontinued it yet again about a month prior to my due date. I was on a much lower dose while preg. than I was previously.

I have gone off Seroquel twice since I started it, as you can see, and it was a very bad experience both times. I would suggest giving it a bit of time to let yourself to adjust to life without it.

Lamictal is category C for pregnancy. When my second trimester started, I was put on it in place of Depakote. I had no problems with it and went up to 150 mg. I'm still on it, though I've had the Depakote added back in now.

So to answer your other question, there are women who do stay off meds while pregnant. Many women find their moods actually stabilize during pregnancy on their own. Something about the hormones I guess.

I'm glad to hear you say you're open to meds if you need them. Bipolar women in particular are in a very high risk group for relapses, particularly in the postpartum phase. If you need the meds, please don't feel bad about having to take them. It is safer for your baby for you to be medicated than to be unstable.

I would suggest if you are determined to stay off meds to be scrupulous about charting your moods and to stay in very close touch with your health care providers- OB and pdoc. Everybody needs to be talking to each other.

Best of luck and congrats : )

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The only thing I've taken while pregnant has been Zoloft. I was also on 800 mg Seroquel and stopped it cold turkey when I found out.

I've been pretty good actually until recently. I've read that pregnancy tends to help even things up some, plus I've had a lot of help and support from family.

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Thanks you guys. ;)

My OB office has 4 doctors and I'm meeting with the one who delivered my daughter and delt with my ppd issues first, at my first "official" visit. Ppd hit so hard the last time OB mentioned going on an AD in the 3rd trimester, although that was before my bp dx. I want to be able to enjoy the first weeks of having this baby unlike last time.

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Stopping ANY psych.mediucation cold turkey is a dangerous, not-wise thing to do, no matter what your OB says. OB's who are more aware of the current research in psychiatric illnesses and pregnancy do NOT operate that way.

Please--find an OB who has read the literature and is willing to work with your pdoc. Tpogether, that team can get you thru pregnancy with out having to be committed, and without danger to your baby. There ARE ways to do it, there ARE meds that are OK, or in some cases worth the tiny risk.

Read some of the pinned research above this board--educate yourself, if your OB won't do it. But if you have an MI and you are suddenly off medication because you are preggers, I can all but guarentee you will feel like shit. And guess what? Baby gets all that stress hormone. Some studies show that babies of depressed moms who are unmedicated imitate the depressed behavior as young as 2-3 weeks old.

There's a butt load of great research posted here--you owe it to yourself and your baby to be informed about your health care. PLEASE--Its your choice to make, always, since you are the mom--but make it an EDUCATED choice, by reading up on all the reasearch and discussing it with docs who are also aware of the current thinking and can work together.

and feel free to PM me any time with a question. If I don't know the answer, I'll find out/.

Love, china the OB/GYN/L&D nursie person on board

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Thanks. ;) I'm slowly working my way through the links at the top. I'm really looking into what to start taking before delivery to head off the ppd. That's what got the whole bp thing going.

It was my pdoc who had me stop my meds cold turkey, not my OB. The jury is still out on what/how my Ob thinks and will want to do. We'll see at my appointment. I know the OB's office told me to tell pdoc to call if they need to talk. My pdoc is looking for meds that have less risks than Lamictal that she thinks will work well for me. I had been stable for 4 or 5 months prior to finding out I was pregnant. Now that I'm used to being off the meds I'm feeling fine. I still have morning sickness and am tired but that's to be expected.

It really is weird being off meds and experiencing things I thought were gone for good. I had forgotten how much I used to talk before going to sleep. Thoughts just seem to come while I'm trying to sleep. I'm sleeping fine overall, once I get to sleep, unless my 18 month old wakes me up. I'm slightly more irritable but, well, last pregnancy I really wasn't nice at all during the first trimester.

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Now, I am certainly not an expert OR A DOCTOR of any kind--but--

I believe that any pdoc who takes any patient off their psych meds cold turkey is not the most competent or well-read psych. in the county. Nowhere have I ever read that "cold turkey" is the way to go--not even on caffeine, when you're pregnant.

Hell, they don't detox alcholocs or heroine addicts "cold turkey" without staging them out, mostly with other meds, but NEVER "with nothig"

So if it were me, I would take a long hard look--and a long hard discussion--with BOTH your docs, and be sure you tell them what you are experiencing without meds. Being stable on psych meds, even if they have to be changed, throughtou your pregnancy is vastly better that cold turkey. (and I've always wondered where that phrase came from--hmmmmm---)

Just a little home-made advice, ATSIV--keep reading, and KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS--ad TELL them how you are feeling.

wishing you the best--china

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Guest lmmmnop

...better that cold turkey. (and I've always wondered where that phrase came from--hmmmmm---)

Don't know where, but I do know when:

Cold Turkey, etymonline.com

"without preparation," 1910; narrower sense of "withdrawal from an addictive substance" (originally heroin) first recorded 1921. Cold turkey is a food that requires little preparation, so "to quit like cold turkey" is to do so suddenly and without preparation.

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