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Hi all. I've created a printable, 24-hour clock-face style graph for general public use. Please feel free to use this to track any of a host of daily events, especially moods & medications.

I've been using hand drawn versions of chronograph for a while, and finally decided to design a nice, printable one. They are very handy for quickly marking in anything from things you ate (calorie tracking) to how you feel (mood tracking).


I put a link on the bipolar forum because it is handy as a mood chart, but I am personally using it to track cigarette smoking, and have used versions of it to track alcohol, pot, food and coffee intake.

If you are battling an addiction, I think this tool can be very handy for keeping track of drug intake. Believe me, when you see how much you are really taking, you'll start to want to quit. Also, you can create an accurate, historical view of your drug use so you can see changes (increase/decrease) over time.


Alex K

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