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What with me? Personality disorder?

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Frosty here.. Pissed off to the point of searing rage. Being laughed at... explosive...

Having someone you took care of throw you to the sharks when its your turn.... Deathwishes.

Having people talk unflatteringly about your character and not being able to tell them how YOU feel...

Unbearable ... I looked up anger and I really do not fall into an anger management situation because

I am not constantly in an explosive mindset...Roadrage ect ect. But something about a cetain type of

personality disorder...I am not really sure if I fit anywhere...Frosty.

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I know just how you feel. In the end I just think to myself that's it's them that have the issues and not me. I tried to help and if it doesn't help-well I did my best. It's when they turn on me though that I REALLY understand what you're going through. I start wondering if I can EVER attract a decent friend and want to hole up inside the house like a rat. or abandon the friend forever. I have active fantasies of them dying in magnificent ways. In the end I just take a break from thinking about whoever /whatever it is for a while.

But I hold grudges...


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frost? you okay? what's going on? let me know.

if i've let you down please let me know. i can be the worst friend in history.


Ah c'mon grouse let's not add dx of Paranoid to the mixture ;) .

Not you or anyone here at C/B.

Penny got it... Frost

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I have anger/rage issues also. Looking for answers.

Check this out. There's alot of information here, some of it may help you:


Follow up on this thread if you come up with some answers to the anger problem.

;) MG

MG - Great link..It applies to practically everything under the sun

Lilie - have a look /see at the link.. You will find yourself there just as I did...


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Great link, mad_genius. I'll have to really look at it when I have more concentration.

I have serious anger issues too with road rage and angry outbursts and paranoia with friends.

For a while after "therapy" for childhood traumas, complex PTSD etc. I actually got much worse in regard to constant rage.

I don't really know what to think about this. Maybe therapy was bad for me. Or maybe I just need a little more time.

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