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Zyprexa vs. Neurontin for anxiety and BP II

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My anxiety is getting intolerable. Ativan is great. It's the only thing that really helps me feel better. But I probably underutilize it because I don't want to build up a tolerance. I notice that Zyprexa (possibly) and Neurontin deal with GABA like benzos do.

I'm more on the depressed/anxious end as far as BPII goes. It doesn't take much to take away the hypomania and mixed states/dysphoria. Trileptal handles this well, but doesn't do diddly for anxiety and depression. I wonder if Neurontin would be enough. Zyprexa, which I've taken may help with all these things but I wonder if it's like using a bazooka to kill an ant. Or maybe it's just the thing.

I've taken Zyprexa and it made me "tired unto death" and made it feel like my heart was in my stomach. But I was also taking quite a bit of Ativan, propranolol, etc. My doc thinks maybe Zyprexa by itself might work, but I would want Lexapro because going off that was terrible.

Just thinking out loud. Any experiences would be helpful. I've been noticing some people around here take Neurontin (gabapentin).

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My pdoc wanted me to try Gabitril for anxiety. I never did, as his office did not have samples and I have no insurance. You could discuss that option with your pdoc.

I've never been on Neurontin and don't know how it feels to be on or works.

Zyprexa is some heavy shit. I think it is over-prescribed. it is Lilly's best-selling drug. I think they push it hard on people who don't need it ---> opinion of Loon, who is not a med professional.

I get a lot of anxiety too. Taking Klonopin on a regular schedule was helpful, but I take 3mg/day.

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