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how to explain my diagnosis?

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...for this application to be befriended, they're gonna ask me my diagnosis, aren't they....

how the heck can I explain it coherently?

I mean Recurrent Depression is by no means the whole story.

I have PTSD, but, not on my medical records, as far as I know.....although my therapist has said I have it, and I know I have it, that doesn't go down on my medical records.

I have a dissociative disorder. ditto the above.

DD NOS explains it best.

but that's not very specific. and its not official.... but I *do it*.

I have Borderline tendencies, but usually only when my dissociated, split off part that carries most of my illness is present.....

That could include the paranoia and such....

But then add the social phobia and agoraphobia and panic attacks...well, I'm a walking DSM...

Recurrent Depression and a trauma related anxiety disorder?

What would you put, if you were me?

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I would just list the Agoraphobia, Social Phobia and Panic Attacks. I don't think they need your whole lifes' story.

Thats really what the befrienders can best help with, right? The point of having a friend is A. Meeting someone B. Going somewhere without C. having panick attacks.

Of course all that comes a little at a time.


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Yeah, I agree with AM. No one needs to know your "hard core" issues, except when they have to, like if a relationship is getting *serious*. Getting to know people isn't the time to Confess your MI in totality.

I'm usually the type to just not confess at all until I feel the person would be comfortable. If I'm at the point where I know they WON'T be comfortable wiht my MI, I dump them. If they'd be fine, I tell them all of it.

I there is risk in any disclosure. But AM put it well.

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"hard core" issues. for sure.....

thanks, Loon. ;)

when I told my therapist that I want them to know what to expect, and that I guess its also I want to know what to expect from myself...she said well you never know what to expect from yourself...something like that...which is so true.....

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