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These posts are really speaking to the fact that you don't have it together and don't realize it. Blaming folks is just a symptom. You have GOT to have a real hospital stay counseling and meds. PLEASE go now. It seems that people are losing patience with you but that's because you keep yourself on the edge all the time.

go NOW get help REAL help not imaginary help. call someone if you have to


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Hi guys, I'm still not typing for myself, but the surgery went well and things are sure to improve.

I am on "out time" again (we are generally allowed out between meal times), and since I have served the minimum time for my voluntary section I am no longer under police esscort.

I'm not going to try to sort things out tonight, because I don't have enough time.

And thus far, everytime I have tried to explain my seemingly odd actions, the post has either been deleted, or a mod has not approved of it. In the latter case, I cannot fathom why this has been the case.

I am still in a state of atypical MDD, but as always it is up to me to find the right meds to combat my illness. I don't see my prof often, and my consultant is all too happy to rely on my knowledge, and let me dictate things.

Whilst I imagine that this will be deleted, I am posting to assure anybody who cares that I am getting the help (though everything from therapy to med choices are dictated by me) that I need.

Thank you, and I wish you all well in your own battles.


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