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Finally landed a new job, start tomorrow

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Hey Guys,

I guess I'm happy to report that I found a new job that I start tomorrow. I'm really stressed out about though because it's seems really good and like something I would be good at, but I literally have no confidence left after that awful firing incident from that job I was only at for 6 days. I just feel like complete crap and like these people aren't going to "like me" after a couple of days and let me go as well. And I don't need that to happen again.

I don't even know what I'm asking for...I've been talking to my fiance and friends all day and so far no one has made me feel any better...it's like I'm sabotaging myself, like I"ve already convinced myself I'm going to fail. What's worse, I'm actually making myself sick. I can't stop running to the bathroom and I feel like I'm going to throw up ;)

Why can't I just be happy to have a job and get over this crap?

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Hi Greengal,

Hey, you have been through a BUTTLOAD of job-related stress for a long time. I've been sick for a few weeks, so I missed the 6 day debacle, but even before that, your "old" job, provided a ton of stress to you. And unfortunately in somecases only time is a healer applies and this looks like one of those situations.

One day at a time sweetie! I'll be thinking about you and wonky prayers too.



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