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American Idol vs. Presidential Elections

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Every time this debate comes up I want to mention that you can vote for AI 500 times by text message.

If people could vote more than once for the Presidential election using their cell phones, I bet there'd be a lot more voting.

But is that really what we want?

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I really would worry about the outcome if the all of the ignorant masses really voted. As gullible asAmericans are in mass, we really could be in much worse shape than we already are. If you think that politicians are non-responsive to anything but the biggest special interests now--it will only get worse.

Thank the founding fathers for the electoral college

Maybe this election we will actually have one choice that is worth half a damn, but I don't see who that would be.

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i thought American Idol was the american Presidential Elections.

i thought the campaigns were going on kind of long.

and that explains the strange emphasis on singing ability. i mean, you americans have a pretty weird political system and all but i thought that was getting a little strange....


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this is why you shouldn't listen to everything you hear. ryan seacrest is not a good source. and, to top it all of, this rumor is a misconstruction of what he actually said. (what he is misleading and stupid enough in the first place.)

  • when you vote for president, one person gets one vote.
  • when you vote for american idol, you get as many votes as you can stand dialing.
  • you don't have to be 18 or a registered voter to vote for american idol.
  • 63 million votes were cast in total in the competition between hicks and mcphee.
  • we have no way of knowing how many people voted in the american idol competition. only how many votes.
  • 62 million people voted for bush. another 60 million people voted for kerry. in total 122 million PEOPLE voted in the last presidential election. that's 122 million people, who cast 122 million votes.
  • more people voted for kerry, the loosing canidate, than voted for either hicks or mcphee.
  • more people voted in the presidential election than the total number of votes cast in american idol

this country may suck (i wouldn't go that far, but that is for another thread) however, there are still more people voting for president than for american idol

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oh good, then my friend was wrong! at least we still have some patriotism and the civic obligation to vote is not being totally ignored.

I was pissed that Kerry got more votes but that bush won. i live in ohio and i am sure our electoral count was important in the election.

sorry to all bush voters- loon voted for Kerry, and did NOT vote in AI!

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