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Denied SSDI over 2 months ago...

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My lawyer told me today that because I waited over 2 months to file my petition for a review that I have to go back to SSA and start over. He also said that because I'm crazy that I can go to a judge, who can rule that I am allowed to restart where I left off.

Anyone with experience in this? I do NOT like the idea of waiting 2 years for my f-ing SSDI, but it must be done. My mom has waited 2 years and counting...

Starting over would just really, really suck!


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Shouldn't your lawyer have been keeping up with the dates to file in the first place?

This has to be the most idiotic procedure for mentally ill folks. It is so complicated that only a sane person could be organized enough to follow all the procedures correctly and therefore shouldn't qualify for SSDI anyway. A truly mentally unhealthy person couldn't policy keep up with the process and therefore are disqualified based on procedural issues that no person deserving SSDI could follow anyway. ;)

Sorry for the rant. I haven't been through it, but your lawyer should be able to offer more advice and really should follow the schedule better than that.

Surely someone here could help?

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