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Any other med besides SSRI for OCD (intrusive thoughts)?

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I'm just pedalling around here tonight and I figured I'd post this. Right now I'm just awishin' there was somethin' besides an SSRI that could take away the intrusive thoughts/OCD that is exacerbated from taking a stim. The SSRIs zap my creativity and energy, I just really don't work well on SSRIs......I've gotten down to 5 mgs of Lexapro, 6 mgs of Lamictal (low low dose, but if I go above that my muscles ache like mad and I can't exercise worth a damn....plus I get a different sort of craziness in my head that is from the Lamictal's interaction with a dopamine agonist), 4 mgs of Gabitril (has helped a ton in the irritability dept. with very few if any side effects), .5 mg Klonopin......and the exacerbating med which has given me a life: Adderall at 20-25 mgs SR....

There's gotta be somethin' else besides the SSRIs that wouldn't screw with my creativity and energy to be creative, it's like I just don't care or give a damn to write anymore......a simple word which used to have meaning to me, just doesn't anymore.

Other combos that I've thought of: Tryptophan, B6, niacin...... yet still the serotonin connection here.....

Cymbalata? but hell it's got NRI properties to it and I don't know how I'd take to that as NE always seems to be an issue if I'm already on an NE reuptake inhibiting med....

Memantine? don't know if my OCD is glutamate related, but it could be.....i should definitely check this out...

Clomipramine/Anafranil: does this screw with one's creativity at all? any experiencers of this med?

I could try going on Abilify to see if that helps tweak the SSRIs induced apathy......screw Zyprexa, just looking for donut and ice cream trouble if I were to take that again..... Seroquel?

Any input would be decent.......thanxs

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..... Seroquel?

Any input would be decent.......thanxs


hells bells yes. seroquel is probably going to be my drug for life, as in for the rest of my life and also for keeping me alive.

i went through an extreme trauma about a year ago and restarting seroquel (the first round it knocked me out bad all the time, the second it didn't) was the best thing i did. it blunted the pain. and as time has passed it has helped with the obsessive thoughts. i now have ptsd from the events but seroquel has helped me tremendously.

naturally, your mileage may vary. but seroquel worked awesomely for me.

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Guest espressogrrl

My sis is on Luvox for her OCD

adderall for her ADD

klonopin for her anxiety

geodon for antipsychotics

and i am forgetting a few. hmm. neutontin made her try to kill herself. but thats just her. She can't function without the luvox. she's been on everything and Luvox made her life possible...her intrusive thoughts are really really strong to the point of manifesting into voices.... thus the geodon....

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i'm on cymbalta right now (3rd week roughly, went up to 60 mg but that made me too sleepy) and so far it hasn't made me feel shut down and numb like the ssri's did. i'm a little worried about the norepinephrine properties - since i've had some brief unpleasant encounters with NE and anxiety in the past - but so far its not too noticeable. i have really bad intrusive thoughts, and i don't know if this will really work for me, but being off any kind of med just made my brain screech to a halt over a period of six months, and become increasingly stressed out - so i think any kind of serotonin med is a step forward for me. the NE seems to balance out the numbness/lack of creativity on the serotonin part and leaves me feeling a little more 'alive' i guess i would say, even if that 'alive' feeling is tinged with anxiety.

but boiled down: cymbalta doesn't make me feel as numb as the ssri's did. there's a definite difference.

so far my biggest problem has been staying awake on it, and i still don't have that part figured out. anafranil is good (was the best for my OCD when i first had it when i was 12) but its side effects are STRONG. it might not make you feel as numb as the ssri's do, but it can knock you out and sedate you even more. i tried anafranil just a couple weeks ago, but i couldn't go up past 50 mg because of low blood pressure. i don't think i was on it long enough to notice its effect, but i had to balance it out with some seroquel after the first week because i couldn't take the strong serotonin effect. i think i may need to do teh same with cymbalta if i continue to be unable to sleep properly.

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Seroquel works wonders at keeping my intrusive thoughts at bay. I don't take very much - 250mg - although it started to do the trick from the get-go.

Seroquel has its draw-backs.... I sleep for 11-13 hours every night. And I mean, every night since I started it. That's, uh... a lot of hours lost since January.

But it does the trick, so I live with the side-effects.



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hm jonathan we are apparently on the same mission.


I take benzos occasionally when I am overwhelmed with whatever, or if I feel like ripping someone's (or my own) throat out. I love them, they have saved my life so many times.

Key word here is "occasionally" - for regularly occurring anxiety, you will quickly build up a tolerance if you take benzos every day (or every night).

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