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My First Seizure!?!

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i'm posting this both in the neurontin/anti-convulsant forum and the seizure forum.

i basically joined this forum just to get a question perhaps on this matter. two weeks ago i had my first seizure. it was a grand mal which from my limited understanding is very bad. oh good lord scary scary i didn't even fully understand what had happened to me until about 4 hours after the fact. anyhow i'm 26 i've never had a history of epilepsy or seizures, etc. Without giving too much info about myself that might be incriminating i used to take large doses of uh pharmacological mixes (of course not anymore thank god) that would give most people seizures i mean large doses of "stuff." so naturally i'm absolutely astonished and shocked that i had a seizure. Now there is a catch...I had been taking neurontin around 1600 mg for Restless Leg Syndrome (really sucks) and off-label for anxiety again worthless. After stopping neurontion for about 1 month the day of my seizure I decided to take a large dose in anticipation for RLS symptoms. I took 1200 mg twice over a period of oh 6 hours. two hours after taking my second dose of neurontin I had the grand mal.

Now I'm somewhat dissapointed at the medical establishment for their lack of knowledge in regard to this subject. I learned very quickly they really don't have a clue what EXACTLY causes a seizure but they can usually use the process of elimination to pinpoint a PROBABLE and most likely cause. So being discourged very sad and not to mention anxious (i have an anxiety disorder and this has added a whole new dimension to the whole damn thing) I just am hoping maybe other people have had similiar experiences with neurontin or maybe just some SUPPORT for dealing with this. I don't get it neurontin is an ANTI-SEIZURE drug???! My guess is when you start it it actually lowers your seizure threshhold initially or something I have no clue. Oh one thing I forgot to add...about 5-10 minutes before the seizure I kept on getting these wierd sensations I could only describe as "zaps." I would get these zaps and afterwards be a little disoriented. When this began luckily I got in my bed not knowing what was going on. Only waking up about 4 hours later in the ER I knew what had happened.



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