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i'm posting this both in the neurontin/anti-convulsant forum and the seizure forum.

i basically joined this forum just to get a question perhaps on this matter. two weeks ago i had my first seizure. it was a grand mal which from my limited understanding is very bad. oh good lord scary scary i didn't even fully understand what had happened to me until about 4 hours after the fact. anyhow i'm 26 i've never had a history of epilepsy or seizures, etc. Without giving too much info about myself that might be incriminating i used to take large doses of uh pharmacological mixes (of course not anymore thank god) that would give most people seizures i mean large doses of "stuff." so naturally i'm absolutely astonished and shocked that i had a seizure. Now there is a catch...I had been taking neurontin around 1600 mg for Restless Leg Syndrome (really sucks) and off-label for anxiety again worthless. After stopping neurontion for about 1 month the day of my seizure I decided to take a large dose in anticipation for RLS symptoms. I took 1200 mg twice over a period of oh 6 hours. two hours after taking my second dose of neurontin I had the grand mal.

Now I'm somewhat dissapointed at the medical establishment for their lack of knowledge in regard to this subject. I learned very quickly they really don't have a clue what EXACTLY causes a seizure but they can usually use the process of elimination to pinpoint a PROBABLE and most likely cause. So being discourged very sad and not to mention anxious (i have an anxiety disorder and this has added a whole new dimension to the whole damn thing) I just am hoping maybe other people have had similiar experiences with neurontin or maybe just some SUPPORT for dealing with this. I don't get it neurontin is an ANTI-SEIZURE drug???! My guess is when you start it it actually lowers your seizure threshhold initially or something I have no clue. Oh one thing I forgot to add...about 5-10 minutes before the seizure I kept on getting these wierd sensations I could only describe as "zaps." I would get these zaps and afterwards be a little disoriented. When this began luckily I got in my bed not knowing what was going on. Only waking up about 4 hours later in the ER I knew what had happened.



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Welcome Absinta!

Well, a grand mal seizure will certainly get your attention.

Seizure are not well understood, and it's likely no one can tell you precisely what happened, but I can mention several relevant points.

First, If you haven't seen a doctor about the seizure, and been completely honest about everything you are putting in your body then do so immediately.

Seizures can be caused by all sort of things ranging from brain tumors, medication effects, electrolyte imbalances to fever. A concern is the "Kindling Effect" wherein, each seizure lowers the threshold and makes you more susceptible to another (not to panic you, though).

Next in consideration is seizure threshold and triggers.

- The unspecified drugs that you are using could be the cause of your seizure. For whatever reason, on that day you had just the right combination of triggers...little sleep, stress, too much caffiene, whatever. Taking an Anticonvulsant is no guarantee of being seizure free.

- I don't see any warnings for neurontin or data showing seizures as a negative adverse event in trials. However, there are documented cases of Status Epilepticus (continuous seizures) during the med trials. Again there is no guarantee of freedom protection.

- You don't mention how you discontinued Neurontin previously. With most MI meds, but especially with AC's it is very important to taper off. The recommendation for Neurontin is 1 week but 2 weeks is even better. The danger of not tapering is that the protection of the AC is jerked out from the brain, making it vulnerable to seizures, regardless of any other seizure factors. It is possible that your seizure threshold could have been lowered after discontinuing Neurontin and, again, you just hit the trigger jackpot that day.

- Now just downing a few tabs of Neurontin on a given day doesn't mean that you are protected from seizures. Neurontin has a very short half life of 5 -7 hours, and normally takes 1.5 days to reach a steady state blood level. The effective dose is listed as 900- 1800mg. My back of the envelope calculation estimates that your blood level might have been around 1008mg. HOWSUMEVER, anticonvulsants like most brain meds don't work instantaneously. Usually we don't expect much effect in less than a week, more likely several. However, I do not have any info or experience with their usage for seizures.

In summary, I would suggest the following things: See a doctor about the seizure so you can be worked up for possible causes. If you are doing illicit/street drugs, this is a wise time to get clean. Take this seizure seriously as a warning.

Good luck, hope this is just a one time thing.


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In summary, I would suggest the following things: See a doctor about the seizure so you can be worked up for possible causes. If you are doing illicit/street drugs, this is a wise time to get clean. Take this seizure seriously as a warning.

Cases in point:

speed/ice/meth/crank - documented as being able to lower the seizure threshold. Stimulant abuse is also associated

with not eating and not sleeping, both of which lower the seizure threshold.

hallucinogens - several include serotonin reuptake inhibition as part of their mode of action. Many of the legal SSRIs

are known to lower the seizure threshold. Odds are good that if you are already close, taking one of these will

cause a seizure.

mushrooms, peyote, cough syrup, ayahuasca - these rate special mention as they are very commonly associated

with nausea and vomiting. You will probably choke to death on your own vomit if you have a seizure with these in

your system.

Sounds harsh to be told you MUST give up some fun times just because of the increased chance of a seizure, but there

is just NO guarantee that your next generalized seizure will not arc across the wrong part of your brain and kill you.

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