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My Cousin's Dog

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for over a month, i've been dog sitting (puppy sitting actually) for my cousin, who is in the long process of moving her family to a house.

The problem is that every day, i get more and more peeved at my cousin AND the puppy. for example, i'm vegan and would never dream of hurting an animal. still, this dog pees on my floors and yaps like an idiot and picks up weird stuff to try to eat during our walks- it ticks me off so bad. i'm about ready to sell it on eBay! it is a pure bred dog and has papers. this dog is ruining my mental health!

any ideas on how i can keep helping my cousin an dmanage the dog, or at least my anger towards him in a better way? right now i'm just stewing in anger and frustration. i think it could bring on a mixed episode if left the way it is.

Loon in puppy- hating mode

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Yeah, puppies are like babies, only fuzzier.

a few tips:

Put the puppy in a restricted area like the kitchen or bathroom with something blocking the door

Put newspapers down

Take him out for a walk every two hours. That should be often enough for him to be able to hold it, and he will start to associate urinating with the fun of being outside.

Teething hurts, find a small soft chew toy to relieve the urge to chew.

Put a hot water bottle, a ticking alarm clock or kitchen timer wrapped in a towel in with him. This will give him some to cuddle with. The ticking things work darn well, since they simulate mom's heart beat.

Good luck momma dog!


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Tell your cousin that a month is long enough! The pup can go stay with another relative now. Ive been in this position recently, and I know how a puppy can mess with your mental health.

I adore dogs, but I cant deal with puppies any more.

I also cannot use an apostrophe because it takes me to the "find" thing. What is up with that?

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I agree with Libby.

You are doing the puppy no favors by sending him all this bad energy. He is picking up on it and acting accordingly. So, maybe another relative would be a better choice.

As far as not going for a walk like a human, (trying to eat weird things on the walk) dogs do this. They inspect everything, and they eat things that are sometimes lacking in their diets. Are you feeding him enough? Is it a high quality food?

AM's idea for problem peeing in the house is good. Puppies mistake carpet for grass all the time. Puppy might think they are being a "good dog" by going on the carpet. They get pretty upset too if they aren't pleasing you. So frequent trips outside and LOTS OF PRAISE is a good thing when they do it right.

One last thing: The puppy knows you are frustrated and growing not to like it. I'm sure he'd be just as happy as you to live elsewhere.


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