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Edronax (reboxetine)

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Am curious if anyone else here has experience of the SNRI Edronax (reboxetine)? Since it's not available in the US, where most of the board members seem to be from, I expect not many...

I was put on it about 8 weeks ago, during a hospitalization for suicidal plans. And dammit, I'm feeling 'normal' now, something I have only rarely experienced during the past 7-8 years. No desire to crawl off and die, no self-injury, and anxiety level has gone way down, even though I'm dealing with some family issues at the moment. I feel slightly euphoric at times, in the "oh look at the pretty flowers!" way.

My experiences with SSRI's were not too great. Zoloft made me crawling-up-the-walls anxious and insomniac at first (that's actually when I started to self-injure, at 36 years old), at 7 months still anxious but flat. Celexa made me even more insomniac (got about 2hrs per night) and didn't make a dent in the depression. Paxil at least let me sleep, but that was about it.

Tried Effexor as well, but only for a week as I could not stand the additional anxiety (I literally could not sit still).

There are some side effects with the Edronax. Constipation, slightly dry mouth, a little increased sweating and I suspect I'm losing hair. Sleep disturbance in the form of early morning awakening, but I can take a nap in the day so I do ok. No weight gain (in fact I have lost 5 lbs without trying) and no sexual side effects (yay! now that I have the energy to enjoy it, too).

It seems a little too good to be true, I feel as if I'd better enjoy it while it lasts...

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i have been on it a couple of times.

ummm. poor sleep. constipated. more prone to fainting than usual. dry mouth biggggg time.

it's my fallback drug as an augmenting agent when i get depressed again. i don't like it much. but it's the only snri here in oz.

it tastes terrrrrrible and you burp the terrible taste up all day. i take it at night. the insomnia means that i have to double the seroquel i usually take.

but if it's working, hey, don't question it!

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it tastes terrrrrrible and you burp the terrible taste up all day.

That's funny, I haven't noticed that at all. Guess I have been lucky.

but if it's working, hey, don't question it!

LOL! You are right. It's my old negative experiences speaking.

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I don't notice much taste to it even if I let it start to dissolve in my mouth. The dry mouth and constipation kind of go with holding

onto noradrenaline - bupropion, and some of the TCAs will also do it. There's also a goofy side effect that hits guys preferentially,

but I'm sick enough to find that kind of fun in a twisted I'm-not-getting-any-anyway sort of way... ;)

When I've been on it - usually as a stop-gap between other ADs - I didn't get the euphoria, but I wasn't depressed. Here's part

of the reason I think people aren't satisfied with it (or Strattera, the US-available NARI) as an AD: it doesn't touch serotonin,

so you don't get that "relax, the crap doesn't matter" feel that SSRIs are supposed to bring to anxiety and OCD; it doesn't

touch dopamine so you don't get that "cool. What's next?" boost associated with stimulants.... just that "I'm alert now. What

needs to be done?" which a LOT of people really need but is hard to appeciate unless you haven't had it for a while.

If you can't take a drug that raises serotonin functionality, and Wellbutrin and the TCAs are off the table, Edronax and Strattera

are probably the meds of choice.

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Just picked up on this chat about Roboxetine. I've just started to notice my hair falling out! It is not as bad as when on Bupropion but definitely getting thinner now. Did the hair loss eventually stop?

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