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Getting involved with the wrong people

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I have been in relationships with two substance abusers.

I was pretty naive the first time around (didn't see the signs) but with the last one there were clear signs. In fact, I told him to get lost but then relented and got involved with this guy. Big mistake. He's in a very bad place mentally and is totally undependable, unpredictable, and at times disrespectful. Not to mention that he has very little to offer in other areas.

I don't understand why I make such poor choices sometimes. I almost wonder if it's an unconscious attempt to "help" my father, who although he didn't have substance abuse issues, was sick for my whole childhood. In fact, I'm also in a helping profession.

I am scared of dating because I feel that I can't count on myself to look out for my best interests. I haven't had very good judgment up until this point. It's scary to think about the choice I've made. How have those of you with similar issues addressed them?

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Like you, I am not capable or insecure about making judgements in regards to men.

My track history sucks.. I am still married to the WRONG person, afraid, indecisive,

but can laugh a little at myself. If I see someone who is totally weird or freakish

I always say" there goes my next husband"

All I can say, Is get opinions from people who know you.. Let them check this new guy(assuming you date)

and listen to their advice.. I wish I had


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